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Our investment business has operated in New Zealand since 1989. It began as Armstrong Jones and in 1996 became part of the global financial services group, ING. In 2002, ING and ANZ formed a joint venture, operating in New Zealand under the ING brand. In 2009, the business became fully owned by ANZ and was re-branded to OnePath in 2010.

In 2013 the business changed its name to ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited. The people and processes behind our award-winning investment business remain the same.

Investment Style 

Our investment principles are based upon:

  • Commitment to invest responsibly and deliver client orientated investment solutions.
  • Belief that insightful investment research produces an information advantage.
  • Focus on effective risk management to protect our clients, our portfolios and our business.
  • Confidence that our experienced and passionate investment professionals can produce exceptional long-term performance.
Investment Management Team 

Stuart Brentnall - Chief Investment Officer, ANZ Wealth

Graham Ansell - General Manager of Investment Management

Mark Rider - Head of Investment Strategy & Asset Allocation, OnePath Australia

Stuart Millar - Senior Capital Markets Manager

William Burkett - Head of Investment Product & Research, OnePath Australia

Alan Clarke - Investment Analyst

Iain Cox - Senior Fixed Interest Analyst

Ian Ross Hunt - Fixed Interest Analyst

Peter Jones - Senior Manager Investment Management

Mark Brown - Head of Equities

Craig Tyson - Investment Manager

Craig Brown - Senior Investment Analyst


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