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Russell Investment Management Profile

NameRussell Investment Management


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About Russell

Improving Financial Security for People™

Russell is one of the world's leading investment services firms, providing investment management, advisory, and diversified funds to clients in 46 countries. Today, NZ$198.9 billion is invested in Russell funds globally.

Worldwide, Russell serves approximately 1000 organisations and millions of individuals and employees through its investment management business. In New Zealand, Russell brings individuals investment products and services through a network of distribution partners including the highly acclaimed Ascent Investment Programme offered through ANZ Bank.

Russell is also one of the world's largest retirement plan consultants, advising clients on the investment of approximately NZ$1.1 trillion in assets. The company serves the pension funds of global corporations such as AT&T, BHP, and General Motors. In New Zealand we advise on over NZ$12 billion for institutional investors including the National Provident Fund, Earthquake Commission and the ASB Community Trust. We offer institutional investors a variety of consulting, transition management and investment management services directly.

The Russell investment approach

Our time-tested investment approach rests on the following foundations:

  • Diversifying among asset classes is one of the most prudent approaches to managing risk.
  • Investment styles move in and out of favour with the market.
  • Even the best investment managers do not stay on top for extended periods of time.

Our sophisticated strategy is designed to help you reduce risk and build long-term wealth. To develop long-term financial security, you and your adviser can diversify portfolios at these three levels, based on your investment goals and risk tolerance. This is our MULTI ASSET MULTI STYLE MULTI MANAGER™ approach.