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Nikko Asset Managment New Zealand Profile

NameNikko Asset Managment


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The philosophy Nikko AM adopts across fixed interest and equities is summarised below.

Fixed Interest
Nikko AM NZ applies a low-risk approach in the NZ cash and fixed income sectors, reflecting the conservative nature of these assets. The Fixed Income team believes that the purpose of a fixed income portfolio is to provide capital stability and reliable income and they aim to create diversified portfolios with sound risk characteristics.

The team believe that active management by experienced investment managers will provide superior investment returns. The philosophy is that consistent and superior returns are best achieved by having a diverse range of return generators, in a risk controlled manner and with cost effective implementation. Over time each return generator is expected to add small elements of incremental value, which accumulate over time to provide consistent and superior results.

The process is a top-down analysis of medium-term economic fundamentals and uses multiple sources of value which are designed to have limited correlation. Different market environments favour different return generators, by having a diverse range of return generators the portfolio will have a high probability of performing well under all market conditions.

The NZ Fixed Income team are leaders in their field; their track record, cautious approach and tenure of team have secured plaudits across the industry and from overseas investors. For over two decades this team has consistently been at or near the top of their peer group.


The Nikko AM NZ Equity team occupies an enviable position in New Zealand. With a breadth of experience and access to the resource base of a global asset manager, the team has fostered a dynamic culture that serves as a platform for ongoing success.

Nikko AM NZ’s approach is a high conviction, fundamental investment process that delivers attractive and repeatable risk adjusted returns. Fundamental research identifies mis-priced companies that offer a blend of value, sustainability and growth. Our research is expected to be insightful and to generate high active share portfolios. Risk management is embedded through all stages of the investment process.

The NZ Equity Team utilise Nikko AM’s global investment platform, spread across 12 countries and covering the world’s major investment centres. This platform provides a real time connection to a network of over 280 investment professionals who share proprietary ideas and perspectives.

Nikko AM NZ utilise a multi manager global equity strategy managed by a specialist Sydney-based team who work as part of Nikko AM’s global multi-manager solutions team.

A multi manager approach to global equity investing can optimise risk-adjusted returns. In order to achieve high performance outcomes in a risk controlled manner, the approach is to outsource the stock picking to a range of exceptional international investment managers and blend them in such a way as to target attractive risk-adjusted returns. The underlying managers have long-term track records and a demonstrated ability to consistently perform throughout the investment cycle.