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BT Funds Management Profile

NameBT Funds Management (NZ)


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About us

BT Funds Management (NZ) Limited has been helping New Zealanders create and manage wealth since 1989. 

BT’s core business is investment management and it manages and administers around $2 billion of funds under management.

BT provides a wide range of investment options including funds managed by its own teams as well as alliances with global investment managers, including:

  • BT Funds Management (Australia) in relation to Australian equities,
  • AQR Capital Management, LLC in relation to all international equity securities (excluding Australia)
  • BlackRock Financial Management, Inc, in relation to all international fixed interest securities
  • Grosvenor Capital Management, L.P. in respect of alternative investments.

A cornerstone of BT’s investment philosophy is the belief that investment markets are not always efficient, creating opportunities to invest in securities that outperform. This belief has led BT to focus upon the disciplines of company research and valuation.

The BT investment team completes more than 200 company research visits a year. The BT analytical evaluation of investments involves an assessment of company quality, which looks at the skills, stability, and quality of management, the economic and competitive power of the business, and the risks to which the company is exposed. BT also values each company, using several different valuation methodologies.

Westpac Banking Corporation purchased BT in 2002.  Westpac began trading in 1817 as Australia’s first bank.  It has since grown to span Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific and serves more than eight million customers.


1 November 2007