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22 Mar 18, 4:41pm
Westpac New Zealand five-year bond issue drags in $550 million
22 Mar 18, 4:10pm
Not much on offer but plenty of bidding at the latest Auckland apartment auctions
22 Mar 18, 4:01pm
Protection of the term ‘mānuka honey’ for New Zealand has passed another important hurdle. Work continues in NZ, the UK, China and the USA
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22 Mar 18, 3:59pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; no retail rate changes, FMA finds life insurance agent issues, Coleman goes, jobs demand rises, QLD beats NZL to 5 mln, swaps slip, NZD firms
22 Mar 18, 3:04pm
The Housing Minister introduces two pieces of legislation to Parliament – one to ban letting fees, the other to slap Aucklanders with a fuel tax
22 Mar 18, 1:35pm
In his last public move in the job, Acting RBNZ Governor Grant Spencer gave a very ho-hum OCR review – but he did give the man who will be taking the bank’s reins next week a small parting gift
22 Mar 18, 1:17pm
FMA sounds alarm bells over commissions paid to financial advisers, but stops short of lobbying the Government to regulate these; says it first wants to try proposals before Parliament to tighten rules around conduct
22 Mar 18, 12:00pm
Ex-RBNZ and APRA official, Geof Mortlock, argues the RBNZ's regulation of the financial sector is so inadequate this responsibility should be passed on to a new agency
22 Mar 18, 10:46am
Allan Barber notes that while Trump pulls America back, the rest of the world is making large and effective multilateral trade deals at a rising pace. NZ is in many of them
22 Mar 18, 10:16am
Gareth Vaughan hopes UDC will be allowed to stick to its knitting whatever eventuates from ANZ's attempts to sell the finance company
22 Mar 18, 9:26am
Dairy Report: Fonterra's woes overshadow Synlait's records. But share prices of both rise. MPB now looks unstoppable
22 Mar 18, 9:12am
As expected, the RBNZ has left the OCR at 1.75% with Acting Governor Grant Spencer saying monetary policy will be accommodative for 'a considerable period'
22 Mar 18, 9:07am
Apart from beef, prices are holding up during time of usual softness. Public concerns rise over land erosion; action needed before regulators step in
22 Mar 18, 8:27am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Thursday, March 22, 2018
22 Mar 18, 8:14am
US monetary policy remains on a clear tightening path; UST 10 yr yields 3 bps higher on the announcement; USD was already on a weaker path in overnight trading and has made modest losses since the announcement; FOMC sees the NZD back above the 0.72 mark
22 Mar 18, 7:34am
With the latest hike in the US Fed funds benchmark, we are now in territory not seen in decades. Can low NZ rates be sustained in the face of these changes?
22 Mar 18, 7:27am
US Fed hikes, says 3 more in 2018; US home sales rise with prices, US C/A deficit swells; EU aims tax on digital companies; small WTO members worried; UST 10yr at 2.92%; oil and gold up; NZ$1 = 72.1 USc; TWI-5 = 73.3
22 Mar 18, 5:00am
Stephen Roach sees a China that knows what it has to do, and an America with a serious leadership deficit. Accountability for failure won't be able to be avoided
21 Mar 18, 4:30pm
The Reserve Bank’s approach to the regulatory side of its job has been criticised in the past, notably by the IMF, but what does the Finance Minister think?
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21 Mar 18, 3:59pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Wednesday; no retail rate changes, dairy dip, Fonterra writedown, Spierings out, payout raised, migration down, vacancies up, yields in transition, NZD lower
21 Mar 18, 2:51pm
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