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13 Dec 17, 4:18pm
Housing and Urban Development Minister expects the ban to be passed into law early next year; will ensure house prices are set by NZ-based buyers, not people from overseas
13 Dec 17, 3:59pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Wednesday; six year low house sale volumes, food prices up +2.3%, teachers win more funding, LGFA gets strong demand, swaps and NZD stable
13 Dec 17, 3:32pm
State Services Commission singles out the Super Fund, ACC and Telarc for ignoring its advice on CEO pay rises
13 Dec 17, 2:21pm
LGFA Bond Tender Number 52; weighted average yield accepted was 3.34% and coverage ratio was up to 3.94x
13 Dec 17, 11:53am
nib to start selling health insurance through Fairfax Media in bid to broaden its distribution channels 
13 Dec 17, 11:18am
The Weekly Dairy Report: Large areas of the country are very dry, as auction prices recognise production may fall unless rain comes soon
13 Dec 17, 10:39am
Patrick Watson argues that if and when you could ever pay your taxes in Bitcoin - then and only then could you call it money
13 Dec 17, 9:39am
The volume of homes being sold has slumped in the upper North Island, more buoyant elsewhere: REINZ
13 Dec 17, 8:05am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Wednesday, December 13, 2017
13 Dec 17, 7:53am
NZD has maintained its shift to the upper end of the 0.68 – 0.70 trading range against the USD; AUD strengthened overnight; USD strengthened a bit against the major currencies; US yields edged up a few basis points; local swap rates were mostly unchanged
13 Dec 17, 7:42am
ANZ economist believes the Government may have to reprioritise some of its spending if it wants to reduce debt and reach its other fiscal targets
13 Dec 17, 7:38am
Eyes on Fed; US PPI jumps; SME optimism rises; Moody's sees world growth rising; OECD sees jobless rate below pre-GFC levels; Trump's Washington panned; UST 10yr yield at 2.42%; oil slips, gold drops; NZ$1 = 69.3 US¢, TWI-5 = 72.6
12 Dec 17, 4:02pm
The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report: Killing space now hard to get and numbers of stock at saleyards lifts as farmers destock for the dry
12 Dec 17, 4:02pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Tuesday; TSB cuts mortgage and term deposit rates; Zurich to capture 19% of Australia's life insurance market; people take out mortgages to buy bitcoin; Manuka honey gets a definition
12 Dec 17, 1:52pm
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern pleased with 'significant progress' government has made as its 100 Day Plan reaches halfway stage
12 Dec 17, 12:40pm
One of the masterminds behind a fraudulent bid to buy the Crafar farms has defaulted on an ASB mortgage over one of his frozen Auckland properties
12 Dec 17, 12:08pm
Market prices in 98% chance for Fed rate hike this week; ECB, BoE, Swiss National Bank and Bank of Norway to also announce policies this week
12 Dec 17, 10:14am
ANZ becomes primary source of funding for UDC's lending business with investors collectively withdrawing over $550m during the past year
12 Dec 17, 9:53am
Mieke Welvaert of Infometrics has a Christmas shopping guide for electric vehicles, and some eating tips
12 Dec 17, 8:15am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Tuesday, December 12, 2017
12 Dec 17, 8:06am
11 Dec 17, 3:59pm
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11 Dec 17, 10:36am
11 Dec 17, 8:30am
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