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17 Oct 18, 3:30pm
Treasury head Gabriel Maklouf says providing the new Government with advice on complex issues 'had an impact on the quality of what we could deliver' and also had an impact on the wellbeing of Treasury staff
17 Oct 18, 3:00pm
EY's Matthew Hanley argues the Government should consider the design of a potential digital equalisation tax
17 Oct 18, 2:48pm
The trade wars have focused China's policy makers on fast changes in their agricultural sector to catch up on productivity and food security
17 Oct 18, 2:10pm
ASB economists now see a milk price for this season of $6.25 per kilogram of milk solids, down from a previous forecast of $6.50; see farmer net earnings as about $240 million lower
17 Oct 18, 11:41am
Politicised fads don't sway EPA's science. Consumer localism fads don't support real farmers. Prices retreat for livestock although to still-healthy levels
17 Oct 18, 11:08am
David Hargreaves says the NZ Super Fund's warning that we must not 'lose our nerve' in the face of short-term investment losses needs to be taken to heart by a nation still struggling to understand risk, reward and diversification
17 Oct 18, 10:29am
The Little Black Book of Scams: How you can ensure that your identity remains yours alone. And what to do if you are compromised
17 Oct 18, 10:25am
Rodney Dickens says warning bells are starting to ring over the level of new tourism and hotel building. The risk is for a substantial overshoot
17 Oct 18, 8:22am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Wednesday, October 17, 2018
17 Oct 18, 7:40am
An anti-corruption student media start-up says there’s an ugly underbelly to building a new life in Aotearoa, The Spinoff's Maria Slade reports
17 Oct 18, 7:37am
NZD has sustained the gains made after stronger-than-expected CPI data yesterday; a lack of pulse is evident in bond markets, with UST yields little changed; EUR is flat while GBP has tracked higher
17 Oct 18, 7:37am
Dairy prices unchanged; US job openings up; Wall Street up; China local authority debt risk high; EU trade surplus up; German sentiment down; UST 10yr at 3.16%; oil and gold firmer; NZ$1 = 65.9 USc; TWI-5 = 69.9
17 Oct 18, 6:42am
Warning bells rung loud and clear over oil/gas exploration ban adding pressure to an already stressed energy sector. Govt gives OMV more time to drill in Great South Basin
17 Oct 18, 5:00am
When a customer is conned by a fraudster & in an out of character move sends significant sums of money overseas, does a bank have any AML-CFT Act responsibilities?
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16 Oct 18, 3:59pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Tuesday; a few rate reductions, inflation rises, low lakes cause high power costs, Chapman gets another gig, swaps rise, NZD up
16 Oct 18, 3:32pm
Treasury's Gabriel Makhlouf accepts invitation from RBNZ's Adrian Orr to 'deepen his understanding of the process leading into a monetary policy decision'
16 Oct 18, 3:03pm
US based indices are down over 4% which marks the third biggest weekly loss this year; CPI figures published well up on expectations this morning pushing the NZD higher to 0.6595; NZD is back trading above 0.9200 levels against the AUD
16 Oct 18, 12:25pm
Harcourts' September sales suggest a steady start to spring as national average selling price rises, sales volumes flat
16 Oct 18, 11:44am
National MP Jami-Lee Ross quits party before Simon Bridges announces he's been expelled; Bridges welcomes police investigation into Ross' claims he's broken donation disclosure rules
16 Oct 18, 10:59am
Stats NZ says prices rose 0.9% in the September quarter, giving an annual inflation rate of 1.9%; economists expected just a 0.7% quarterly rise
16 Oct 18, 8:09am
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