Self managing KiwiSaver?

After reading the topics of the KiwiSaver here, I would like to know that is it possible to handle the KiwiSaver scheme by myself? For in long term the fees and expenses will encroach upon my investment. This is horrible! If I am not gratified with the providers' results, how can I do such that I can invest by myself? Whether the performance is good or bad you have to pay lots of fees every day. I want to buy the ETFs( the management fee is much lower than the active funds). How can I do to link the ETF investment with my KiwiSaver (handled by myself). Thanks!

Unfortunately you cannot self manage KiwiSaver.  You have to invest in an approved scheme. There is a scheme called Smartshares which invests in a couple of ETF's (smartFONZ and smartMOZY).  Depending on your investment balance the fee is either 0.85% or 0.65%.  You can find the investment statement here.  Otherwise Craigs Investment Partners offers a personalised scheme but that will sting you 1.25% in brokerage and 1.25% in custodian fees.