Take the money and run

I have just got employment in New Zealand. I am originally from India. I intend to move permanently back to India within five years. It would be great if I can withdraw the money I invest into Kiwisaver when I leave New Zealand. Could you please suggest which would be the best Kiwisaver fund for me ? I am open to taking risks, since my investment plans do not go further than five years in New Zealand.

Thanks for your question. As I am not an authorised financial advisor, I can not give you advice per se on what KiwiSaver fund would be best for you given your short time frame for investment. As you are probably already aware, you are entitled to withdraw your funds if you leave the country permanently although you'll


ime in New Zealand will be briefly.





I am assuming that you have New Zealand residency and are thus able to qualify for KiwiSaver. Leaving the country permanently is not an obstacle to retrieving your funds but you do have to provide documentary evidence of that.





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