Whose my provider?

How or where do I find which company I am paying my KiwiSaver into?

If your human resources or payroll department doesn't know who your provider is then your next port of call is Inland Revenue.

After your employer collects your contributions and puts in theirs, the money is forwarded to Inland Revenue for distribution to the provider. Given you don't know, you likely ended up with a default provider. There are six default providers approved  by government and if you don't make an active choice for a provider you'll get put into one of them.

They are: Mercer, OnePath, Tower, AXA, ASB and AMP. (See our comprehensive list of scheme providers here).

You can find out which one by going to the official KiwiSaver website (www.kiwisaver.govt.nz) then go to MyKiwiSaver and log-in with your IRD user name. If you don't have one, get one. This is a useful on-line site to have access to.

Once logged in, you'll see your provider's name in the right hand side under your contact details. You'll also see a breakdown of how much you've paid into KiwiSaver, how much government has paid into it, how much you've received in member tax credits, and also interest from Inland Revenue.

Again, this is a useful one to go back to, so well worth the time to register as a user. I'm hoping that you're new to KiwiSaver as by now you should have heard directly from your provider. Once you find out who they are, make sure they have your contact details correct so you can start receiving update on your account from them directly. The one thing you won't find on the KiwiSaver website, and which is crucial for you to know, is how much you are paying in fees to your provider, and how much money you are making from your investment.