18 Feb 19, 9:55am
Terry Baucher looks ahead at a big year for taxation, Inland Revenue, and its 'customers'
16 Feb 19, 10:02am
Rodney Dickens says there are still issues with new migration numbers even after some major revisions
16 Feb 19, 9:16am
Patrick Watson of Mauldin Economics says the assumption that the US has the military upper hand on China is just that - an assumption - and no one really knows if it is true, though some of the signs aren’t good
15 Feb 19, 12:44pm
We look at what we have at risk in trade and economic exposure to China as they ramp up economic and political pressure on us to join its world view on trade and 'friendly relations'
15 Feb 19, 10:00am
Siah Hwee Ang on the latest happenings surrounding China, including the inevitable slowdown, a call for more investments and imports, keeping multinationals on their toes, the new e-commerce law and the new tech ambitions
15 Feb 19, 9:41am
Martien Lubberink probes the governance of the Reserve Bank's proposals to increase bank capital, noting the proposals are as simplistic as they are Trumpian
14 Feb 19, 12:28pm
Murray Grimwood looks at how we should think about environmental systems on a planet with finite limits increasingly being stretched, even if we collectively turn a blind eye to those limits
14 Feb 19, 8:47am
Peter Dunne says Greens co-leader James Shaw's CGT comments are far less a statement on his party's position and more an attempt to flush out where NZ First stands
13 Feb 19, 5:29pm
Even though the RBNZ didn't announce any significant changes in monetary policy, currency and interest rate markets jumped. That says more about traders getting assumptions wrong than the RBNZ
12 Feb 19, 12:32pm
Geof Mortlock makes the case for a shake-up to RBNZ governance and a fundamental, independent review of the regulatory framework for NZ's financial system
11 Feb 19, 1:54pm
David Hargreaves ponders the unanswerable question of how much money is desirable for a comfortable retirement
11 Feb 19, 12:16pm
Mauldin Economics' Robert Ross argues the corporate debt bubble is strikingly similar to the subprime mortgage bubble
11 Feb 19, 10:15am
Chris Trotter suggests that given socialism has begun to matter in the USA, it will very soon matter everywhere else too
9 Feb 19, 10:02am
TOP Leader Geoff Simmons on why we need to kill, not tax, capital gain
9 Feb 19, 9:46am
Patrick Watson of Mauldin Economics details an off-ramp from the trade war, hoping President Trump takes it for the benefit of the US economy
9 Feb 19, 9:26am
Most politicians on the UK left and the right know that leaving the EU without an exit agreement would be a national calamity. So why have almost all refused to do anything to halt the slide toward a catastrophic no-deal Brexit?
8 Feb 19, 10:00am
Motu researchers on air pollution, free public transport, pre-trial inmates, soccer players’ contracts and learning what phylogeny means in fairy stories
8 Feb 19, 9:43am
Wellington mortgage broker Andrew Perry spells out how consumers would be hurt if Aussie banks weren't allowed to pay brokers commission 
7 Feb 19, 10:54am
David Hargreaves adds his voice to those exhorting the Government to keep its nerve on plans to build more houses
6 Feb 19, 12:30pm
Capital Economics thinks the RBA's growth assumptions are too optimistic and sees them cutting both these forecasts and their policy interest rate


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