11 Dec 17, 10:36am
Roger J Kerr sees reasons why New Zealand's long-term interest rates will increase over the next 12 months
10 Dec 17, 6:31am
Terry Baucher with a parable about tax involving Metiria, Bill and Winston. Tax evasion, tax avoidance or just a simple mistake? 
9 Dec 17, 10:12am
Oliver Hartwich suggests a solution to opposition MPs swamping new government ministers with thousands of questions of questionable worth
8 Dec 17, 10:13am
National Party housing spokesperson responds to Phil Twyford's first big policy speech on how he will tackle housing affordability, housing availability and home ownership
8 Dec 17, 10:00am
A Motu Top 10 on festive giving ideas; gender, nature and nurture; lost Einsteins; how Nazis are made; paywalls; potatoes and productivity, Mugabe's lottery win & climate change in the USian mind
6 Dec 17, 2:26pm
Flexible exchange rates provide valuable monetary-policy independence. But in a dollar-dominated global trade environment, its ability to support full employment is severely limited claims Gita Gopinath
6 Dec 17, 10:16am
Patrick Watson argues that much like the War on Drugs gave the US more drugs, the country's 'War on Slow Growth' might give it even slower economic growth
4 Dec 17, 4:24pm
If Phil Twyford follows through on the sentiments expressed in his first major speech as Housing Minister then the housing sector may be facing an even bigger shake up than people realise
4 Dec 17, 1:55pm
Andrew Hooker on why litigation funding is needed to level the playing field between the haves and the have nots
4 Dec 17, 11:18am
Roger J Kerr says businesses have sent an inflation signal to the Reserve Bank with their intentions to increase prices
3 Dec 17, 6:04am
The new Housing Minister sets out how he plans to "build communities", deal with homlessness, "build 100,000 affordable homes for first home buyers", help renters, and sort out the tax incentives
2 Dec 17, 6:26am
FMA statistics show the fledgling NZ P2P lending sector is serving banks and fund managers well, but more needs to be done for retail investors and SMEs, Gareth Vaughan argues
30 Nov 17, 3:21pm
The rate of growth in mortgage borrowing is continuing to slow markedly - but consumer borrowing growth has hit a 12-year high
30 Nov 17, 1:27pm
The Reserve Bank's loosening of LVR limits will give the banks greater flexibility with their lending policies - but David Hargreaves wonders if the banks will actually want that at the moment
29 Nov 17, 2:45pm
As the price of Bitcoin tops US$10k for the first time, Hamilton Hindin Greene's Jeremy Sullivan warns human nature hasn't changed since the 17th century, it has just moved on to a different tulip
28 Nov 17, 2:59pm
Terry Baucher argues governments of both hues could be more honest about their use of fiscal drag & suggests income tax thresholds could be automatically adjusted for inflation each year
28 Nov 17, 11:59am
George Friedman & Xander Snyder probe what's behind the recent rise in oil prices
27 Nov 17, 1:17pm
New Reserve Bank figures show that despite significant falls in overall mortgage borrowing, first home buyers are very much still around and interested
27 Nov 17, 11:16am
Roger J Kerr sees business and consumer confidence staying high amid 'just right' export conditions, but warns that the RBNZ may wait too late to signal interest rate rises
27 Nov 17, 9:57am
Martien Lubberink takes a look at a nuanced and positive report on CoCo bank securities from the Bank for International Settlements


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