30 Sep 18, 6:38am
Patrick Watson argues we must prepare now for the mass upheaval coming as machines take humans' jobs
29 Sep 18, 9:36am
Kevin Loane sees the new trade tensions as strategic competition, unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. China's membership of the WTO has not resulted in it being a moderating force
28 Sep 18, 10:05am
Canterbury University's Tom Coupé looks at NZ from an international perspective, including, the country of volunteers, a good place for minorities, (un)affordable housing, treating women with respect & more
28 Sep 18, 8:25am
Rodney Dickens doesn't like the RBNZ policy settings, arguing they will lead to disaster. But he does see an opportunity for borrowers
26 Sep 18, 11:37am
Stephen Roach notes that while China is changing, or at least attempting to do so, America remains stuck as a deficit saver with the need to draw on global surplus saving to support economic growth
25 Sep 18, 11:29am
David Hargreaves reckons the direction of the housing market over the next few months will decide a lot of things, including who wins the next election
25 Sep 18, 7:45am
John Mauldin says it will take a long time to see how the US-China trade confrontation shakes out, and meantime we’ll see both sides alternately throwing and absorbing punches and the winner could even be a third party that may not exist yet
24 Sep 18, 9:39am
Although intertwined with the issue of capital gains, finding a fairer treatment for retirement savings is arguably the most important objective for the TWG, says Terry Baucher
24 Sep 18, 7:32am
The NZ Initiative's Bryce Wilkinson says the electorate, not just politicians, must accept blame for irresponsible government spending
23 Sep 18, 9:07am
Motu researchers on predicting obesity rates from space, reinventing cities, genes associated with education, and the Ig Nobel Prizes
23 Sep 18, 6:02am
If you think New Zealand's households are much more vulnerable now than just before the GFC, you are wrong according to the data collated by David Chaston
22 Sep 18, 10:10am
Sunil Kaushal says the time is ripe for New Zealand to tap into the opportunities presented by the new India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi
21 Sep 18, 10:00am
Siah Hwee Ang looks at gains and losses from the China-US trade war, US wine hanging by a thread in China, India steps up to the plate, the end of 'made in China' & more
21 Sep 18, 9:34am
Peter Dunne says Jacinda Ardern's apparent unwillingness to ruffle coalition feathers is starting to work against her, suggests she takes a leaf out of Helen Clark's playbook
20 Sep 18, 12:03pm
Hyun Song Shin says the financial crisis that swept the world in September 2008 was a transatlantic banking crisis & securitisation kept risk within banks rather than spread it
20 Sep 18, 11:46am
The Tax Working Group's interim report shows taxation of income from capital is ripe for reform & environmental taxation is central to the agenda, EY's David Snell says
18 Sep 18, 7:22am
NZ Initiative report suggests up to one dollar in three of NZ general government spending is wasteful, representing about 13% of GDP, or $20,000 per household annually
17 Sep 18, 9:30am
John Mauldin relates some short stories about positive events in China, which demonstrate that China has good news, and even some fabulously great news, much of it quite compelling
15 Sep 18, 11:02am
Oliver Hartwich says a new book is required reading for anyone wanting to understand 21st century politics
15 Sep 18, 10:00am
Just as a virus can hit the healthiest of people, a crisis can sweep up even a well-prepared economy. For a speedy recovery more is needed that just preventive measures, says Zhu Min


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