16 Aug 17, 8:02am
Are you scared of talking about your desire to implement a Capital Gains Tax? This simple trick devised by one of our top economists will do wonders for your campaign. Start our free 37-day trial today
15 Aug 17, 12:20pm
Siah Hwee Ang looks at why China's One Belt One Road project matters to New Zealand and who is involved
14 Aug 17, 11:04am
David Hargreaves suggests the real estate industry is singling out the wrong target by urging exemptions from the RBNZ’s LVR rules for first home buyers
14 Aug 17, 7:24am
National's boot camp policy a dog-whistle to Winston First voters as English and Joyce seek poll jump; Alex Tarrant says the policy is an insulting acknowledgement of the National Cabinet's lack of understanding on inter-generational poverty
13 Aug 17, 7:02am
Labour's knee-jerk 'clean our rivers' call needs details so it doesn't look like a rural-to-urban wealth transfer in the sheep's clothing of a freshwater policy; On the principles of royalties; And why aren't we talking nitrates?
12 Aug 17, 8:42am
We review how much New Zealand households have in financial assets, the components, and how they are growing (or not). The levels may surprise you
12 Aug 17, 8:42am
David Chaston says the sudden ascent of Jacinda Ardern says a lot about us as voters, and not in a good way. He wishes party positions counted for more
12 Aug 17, 6:02am
Terry Baucher questions whether the Government's adoption of the OECD inspired BEPS initiative will be undermined by a lack of IRD staff to enforce it
11 Aug 17, 10:02am
Motu on a new robot language, the impact of iGen, immigration and job creation, BS detectors for science and inoculating against misinformation, depressing facts on climate change, and an obligatory reference to Jacinda Ardern
10 Aug 17, 5:24pm
Allan Barber foresees a time when red meat will be competing directly with a whole range of other proteins
10 Aug 17, 4:38pm
JBWere's Bernard Doyle on NZ's productivity recession, population growth driving economic growth & advice for NZ sharemarket investors to reduce their holdings
10 Aug 17, 12:17pm
David Hargreaves on RBNZ Governor Graeme Wheeler's final curtain call
10 Aug 17, 5:02am
Gareth Vaughan questions whether CBA's latest conduct scandal suggests it is time Australasia's biggest banks were broken up
9 Aug 17, 4:10pm
David Hargreaves suggests the way the election is shaping up offers voters the ideal chance to 'cherry pick' various policies - particularly in areas of interest such as housing and immigration
9 Aug 17, 1:25pm
Labour could have knocked the water debate out of the park; But the economics of its royalties policy just don't work; Let's hope they get some nationalistic headlines out of it before questions are asked
8 Aug 17, 10:02am
Siah Hwee Ang with everything you need to know about China's ambitious One Belt One Road Initiative
7 Aug 17, 2:55pm
David Hargreaves says the Auckland housing market has gone cold at exactly the wrong time. And does the sudden focus by politicians on our largest city's infrastructure imply a sense of defeat on housing?
7 Aug 17, 11:05am
Brian Fallow argues climate policy cries out for political consensus but that remains elusive. Suggests the establishment of an independent, expert advisory body
7 Aug 17, 11:03am
The NZ Initiative's Rachel Hodder says Statistics New Zealand's new Integrated Data Infrastructure is a rich source of information
6 Aug 17, 6:02am
Auckland transport set to be next election campaign battleground as Labour gears up for rail announcement; National's also making moves; Could they end up in agreement come 23 September?


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