15 Sep 18, 9:40am
Erik Britton sees the Belt and Road Initiative as a key part of China's empire building. He deconstructs the language being used, and finds the comparison with other, earlier power plays striking
14 Sep 18, 1:49pm
After the GFC's wave of debt and liquidity injections, the absence of wage growth and productive investments in the real economy means the only direction left to go is down, says an UNCTAD economist
14 Sep 18, 10:02am
Kiwibank's Jeremy Couchman with a guide to emerging market meltdowns from tequila slammers to Moscow mules via a Venezuelan economic crisis
14 Sep 18, 8:26am
Terry Baucher hopes to see the Tax Working Group signal a break from the past, either in the form of a Capital Gains Tax or something else such as a land tax
13 Sep 18, 5:09pm
A PSA on PIRs: Check you're paying the right amount of tax on your KiwiSaver, especially if your income's changed recently
13 Sep 18, 5:02pm
David Hargreaves thinks the struggling Fonterra dairy co-operative will need a close eye keeping on it as it endeavours to get its wobbly milk cart back on the trail
13 Sep 18, 3:23pm
Murray Grimwood, aka Power Down Kiwi, looks at the problems we face and aspirational ways we might approach them
13 Sep 18, 11:46am
Why TOP Leader Geoff Simmons wants the Tax Working Group to take a capital gains tax off the table... and replace it with an equity tax
12 Sep 18, 10:21am
Bankers' Association Acting CEO Antony Buick-Constable rejects suggestions banks are not playing their part in the construction sector and says bank lending to the sector is at its highest since the GFC
12 Sep 18, 9:38am
UK academic says although profits have recovered post GFC, investment remains weak. The reason is 'neoliberal ideology' & its academic cousin 'public choice' theory
12 Sep 18, 9:22am
Auckland Council has rejected 2 high-density apartment developments on public transport routes near the CBD. Hayden Donnell asks whether council’s consents department really believes in the Unitary Plan
11 Sep 18, 11:17am
As the Government stumbles from one crisis to another, it's looking for the flagship KiwiBuild programme to inject some stability and lead it in a more positive direction; the stakes are high
11 Sep 18, 9:22am
Even if free trade is ultimately broadly beneficial, the fact remains that as trade has become freer inequality has worsened, Jayati Ghosh argues
10 Sep 18, 9:18am
John Mauldin delves deep into China and concludes that if it’s possible for a centrally planned economy to achieve sustainable long-term growth, China will be the one to do it
8 Sep 18, 10:31am
Auckland Council is consenting many more dwellings, especially smaller dwelling units. And building these will require a different type of construction worker, one already in hot demand
8 Sep 18, 10:02am
Oliver White looks at how online sales are muddying both our understanding and our measures of inflation. The problem will only get worse, he says
7 Sep 18, 10:51am
Long read: Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr on where the global economy has come from, where it's going, and why there's a need for longer-term thinking
7 Sep 18, 10:00am
ASB Chief Economist Nick Tuffley examines the 'neutral' interest rate limbo dance, what history tells us about interest rates, the new neutral in NZ, the real limbo record, the struggle to be green & more
6 Sep 18, 1:25pm
Brad Olsen of Infometrics argues there are clear reasons for the Reserve Bank to leave the Official Cash Rate unchanged over the next year
6 Sep 18, 1:10pm
David Hargreaves argues that what is missing from the Government's Healthy Homes initiative is a long-term plan to modernise all of New Zealand's housing stock


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