23 Apr 18, 5:18pm
Tex Edwards cooks up a multi course recipe to improve housing affordability in New Zealand. With market failure more government involvement is required, he argues 
23 Apr 18, 11:24am
Roger J Kerr now sees it as less likely that business confidence is going to recover
21 Apr 18, 11:43am
Brian Davidson doesn't think much of Donald Trump, but he does like his policy approaches on massive stimulus, and tackling China on trade
21 Apr 18, 10:05am
Despite National’s attempts to paint the three-headed Government as uneasy bedfellows, the Labour, Greens & NZ First alliance has held up rather well… so far
21 Apr 18, 10:00am
Ewen McCann discusses a new approach to taxation - allowing tax avoidance practices to continue but taxing the pecuniary gains that they generate
21 Apr 18, 9:57am
Out of date report on the state of our soils raises important issues says Guy Trafford, even if it is seriously deficient in a range of practical matters
20 Apr 18, 11:40am
When it’s natural, real and as nature intended we have a real competitive advantage so long as we have our story straight, says St John Craner
20 Apr 18, 10:00am
Tom Coupé on Artificial Intelligence including computers reaching human-like intelligence, will we lose our jobs, self-driving cars, Mark Zuckerberg's trash & more
19 Apr 18, 10:16am
Rezoning to allow more intensive development brought windfall profits for some property owners, not so much for others, says Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy
19 Apr 18, 8:33am
Farmers have to think more like marketers and less like farmers to remain relevant and profitable because relying on their processors alone won't make this happen, says St John Craner
17 Apr 18, 9:21am
Arvind Subramanian finds it odd there is little protest against financial integration even as those who built multilateral trade rules are now undermining them
16 Apr 18, 5:03pm
As the new Government puts various supply and demand policies into place aimed at the housing market, David Hargreaves wonders if it has a clear plan of how it would like to see the market looking and behaving
16 Apr 18, 12:10pm
Geoff Simmons on why we can't have a fair and efficient tax system, as well as an exemption on owner occupied housing
16 Apr 18, 9:35am
Roger J Kerr sees a deteriorating New Zealand economic outlook, partly because of policies being implemented by the new Government
16 Apr 18, 9:28am
Richard Baker explains why an NZ Initiative report on NZ's key economic regulators rates the FMA ahead of the Commerce Commision and the RBNZ
15 Apr 18, 8:07am
The Government’s commitment to reducing net debt to 20% of GDP by 2021/22 has again come under fire this week – is the issue that it’s debt target is a bit too specific?
14 Apr 18, 9:59am
Brendon Harre sees many reforms New Zealand could and should pursue to improve its urban performance, all of which we are in a good position to adopt
14 Apr 18, 9:59am
Brendon Harre sees many reforms New Zealand could and should pursue to improve its urban performance, all of which we are in a good position to adopt
14 Apr 18, 9:32am
Gareth Vaughan looks at MBIE's latest plans to clean up NZ's problematic Financial Service Providers' Register & reiterates his earlier call for the Government to abolish it
13 Apr 18, 9:59am
One for the commenters... PhD student Kade Sorensen uses 10 interest.co.nz comments to jump into the debate on a fuel tax, B&T sales data, the minimum wage, interest rates and more


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