6 Sep 18, 9:12am
Peter Dunne says the Government has to all intents and purposes become a New Zealand First/Labour coalition
5 Sep 18, 10:31am
Steven Joyce: 'Our government is currently rearranging, often negatively, not one or two but nearly every aspect of microeconomic policy'
5 Sep 18, 5:00am
TOP Leader Geoff Simmons calls for Housing NZ to be replaced by regional 'associations' tasked with providing both affordable and state housing
4 Sep 18, 11:53am
Patrick Watson of Mauldin Economics probes how and why President Trump could fire Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell
4 Sep 18, 8:09am
David Hargreaves says surprisingly robust monthly mortgage figures suggest the RBNZ will put on hold indefinitely any further relaxation of lending limits
2 Sep 18, 7:02am
Shane Jones’ multi-billion-dollar Provincial Growth Fund still has a long way to go before reaching its $3 billion target, Jason Walls says the next couple of years might prove to be a political headache for the Government
1 Sep 18, 9:46am
Erik Britton wonders how equity and bond markets will change now that bots are taking a larger share, a dominant share, of the trading activity
1 Sep 18, 9:35am
Murray Grimwood, aka Power Down Kiwi, delivers a short treatise on unflawed thinking arguing we need a measure of stocks rather than a measure of flows like GDP
31 Aug 18, 1:17pm
Against the backdrop of the RBNZ Act review, the NZ Initiative's Roger Partridge argues greater oversight of the RBNZ's role as prudential regulator is required
31 Aug 18, 10:00am
Political reporter Jason Walls has always kept an unofficial list of his favourite political moments/events in the back of his head and has now laid them out for all to see
30 Aug 18, 3:50pm
David Hargreaves says the Government may need a real business-friendly symbolic gesture to stop the country heading into a self-induced downturn
30 Aug 18, 9:54am
David Hargreaves says despite the wave of both pro and anti comments about the Government's review of the Residential Tenancies Act, what is being proposed is in fact a disappointingly shallow series of tweaks; but what's the thing with pets?
29 Aug 18, 11:25am
Martien Lubberink says the RBNZ should take a leaf out of APRA's book and adopt international capital ratio definitions
29 Aug 18, 10:46am
TOP's new leader Geoff Simmons on why getting 'tough on crime' is nothing but an expensive political slogan
29 Aug 18, 9:55am
Squirrel Mortgages' John Bolton sees prices remaining relatively stable in the overall housing market but says new developments could come under price pressure
29 Aug 18, 7:50am
Why Westpac CEO David McLean is right in urging the business community to get over the election result and get on with business
28 Aug 18, 10:44am
To her credit, the PM has made numerous attempts to soothe the concerns of business – so far none of them have worked; And Jason Walls says a new Business Council will do nothing to abate business’ concerns
28 Aug 18, 9:57am
Stephen Roach says as China shifts to a consumption-based economy, it will become less willing to finance American deficits. A lack of savings will expose the US painfully just as its budget deficits explode
28 Aug 18, 7:16am
Rodney Dickens criticises Auckland Council's economists, claiming their desire for higher density housing near rapid transport routes taints their analysis
27 Aug 18, 1:45pm
David Hargreaves argues that the Government's decision to end 'performance' pay for public service CEOs sends a poor signal that bodes ill for the country's productivity


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