5 Aug 17, 10:35am
We track the changes in the way banks have allocated their lending and review the big influences that have driven it. The trend only works as long as house prices keep rising
4 Aug 17, 10:15am
Tom Coupe on '10 things that amazed me during my first year living in New Zealand' including cold & damp houses, high prices, bare feet & more
3 Aug 17, 2:01pm
Rodney Dickens says the effective OCR is well over double the 1.75% actual rate, and SMEs are paying that price for their working capital financing
2 Aug 17, 11:23am
We look at how well pay packets have grown on an after-inflation basis. And we compare that to how our economy has grown on a 'real' basis
1 Aug 17, 9:16pm
Labour leadership change: Interest.co.nz readers believe installing Ardern and Davis was the right move and that it'll help their election chances
1 Aug 17, 11:29am
Let us know what you think of today's changes to the Labour Party leadership and how it will affect their election chances. Take our survey
31 Jul 17, 4:03pm
Former RBNZ economist Michael Reddell reviews Modern Monetary Theory where fiscal policy is the key lever rather than monetary policy; He argues monetary policy is still best for cyclical stabilisation
31 Jul 17, 12:49pm
Labour has a problem, but there are ways to fix it: A simple platform that would appease voters who left; Stay away from complex policies that attract negative reactions & scare National's swingers. And get a proper tax policy again
30 Jul 17, 8:08am
The government's 40% export goal, climate change, clean rivers and a case of augmented reality; With the goggles on, things look fine. But AgResearch reveals the cold, hard reality in our agriculture emissions efforts
29 Jul 17, 7:44am
Ben Ross for The Spinoff delves into the business case for greater freight efficiency in South Auckland and says rail destroys roading
29 Jul 17, 7:38am
This election and the next more than ever are screaming out for an environmental party to hold the balance of power, Alex Tarrant says; The Greens need to split or grow up and focus only on environmental issues
28 Jul 17, 1:33pm
It was lost but now it's found; the Reserve Bank appears to be getting its collective head around where inflation is living in the modern world - and what it is likely to do in future
28 Jul 17, 10:02am
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy on hi-tech services and manufacturing, making Auckland affordable, land taxes, paying teachers & how economics can improve your life
27 Jul 17, 5:02am
NZ's climate change goals face a problem, with many eggs in the basket of waiting for agreement on an international carbon market, which has no guarantee of happening; 2030 may be closer than we think
26 Jul 17, 5:15pm
Transpower sell-down claims: Credible, or bit of Winston mischief? Transpower says they met with UBS to discuss new technologies and the document was slipped in quietly - that's a common investment bank tactic
26 Jul 17, 3:20pm
Allan Barber remains sceptical of the technology push in Australia to automate carcass grading, a system that may cost them at least A$225m with benefits hard to pin down
26 Jul 17, 1:27pm
John Mauldin expects another major crisis as soon as next year and looks at three potential black swans
25 Jul 17, 10:20am
In the last of a three part series, Siah Hwee Ang looks at the impact for New Zealand and beyond from the Made in China 2025 initiative
24 Jul 17, 1:38pm
The Government's looming partial backdown on recently announced migration limits points to the folly of lazy policy formulated through opinion polls and public reaction
24 Jul 17, 11:08am
Roger J Kerr questions how long squeezed margins can continue for our three mobile service providers; markets will be watching RBNZ inflation forecasts closely


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