24 Jul 17, 10:49am
Brian Fallow runs the ruler over Labour's fiscal plan and looks at what spending plans from Grant Robertson might look like compared to those from Steven Joyce
24 Jul 17, 8:27am
Eric Crampton admires the water management work of John Raffensperger and Mark Milke and hopes that it can provide the basis for substantial change in New Zealand
23 Jul 17, 6:02am
Steven Joyce came very close last week to saying he wanted a big fall in Auckland house values. So would he take action after the election if government moves to boost housing supply come up short?
22 Jul 17, 10:52am
Allan Barber calls on the Auckland Council to 'grasp the nettle' to ensure the America's Cup is hosted in Auckland with an infrastructure that makes the most of the event and the years after
22 Jul 17, 8:57am
Nikko analysts like what they see in China's plan to deleverage their financial risks, in part because they expect huge capital inflows. But the option to retain capital controls may have to be given up
21 Jul 17, 10:02am
First Union's Morgan Godfery on the black and blue Greens, raging against the system, getting deep with GoT, winter chills put heat on hospitals, Winston does a Don, a great Kiwi feed and more
21 Jul 17, 5:02am
Gareth Vaughan suggests APRA's 'unquestionably strong' capital benchmark draws a line in the sand for the RBNZ's review of NZ banks' capital adequacy requirements
20 Jul 17, 5:02am
Labour's Robertson holds fast on opposition to tax threshold changes to account for inflation bracket creep, even if 2016/17 tax take comes in above expectations; Says coalition talks could involve reprioritising spending plans
17 Jul 17, 11:15am
Roger J Kerr says a combination of the pay equity adjustment in the public sector and shortages of skilled workers across multiple industries 'must certainly lead to upward wage pressures'
16 Jul 17, 7:02am
Are we at the end of a housing price-rise cycle? If we are, we look at what previous cycle-ends can teach us, and what is unique about this turning point
14 Jul 17, 10:05am
Melior Law and Regulation's Rebecca Sellers on how economics became a religion, the future of Fintech, the high price of sales culture, how to be a human leader and more
13 Jul 17, 12:40pm
David Hargreaves suggests a subdued housing market in the run-up to the election may ultimately work against the Reserve Bank
12 Jul 17, 4:53pm
Observations of a renting millennial attending a Smith/Twyford housing debate with a bunch of property investors 
12 Jul 17, 11:44am
Rodney Dickens questions the threat technology poses to employment, noting that the new jobs that inevitably come are harder to see now than the ones that will be lost
11 Jul 17, 12:37pm
Generation Rent Investment Guide episode 3: Peer-to-peer lending platforms compared
10 Jul 17, 1:19pm
Analysis of expected future population demographics in New Zealand shows likely strong rises in demand for housing
10 Jul 17, 11:13am
Gareth Vaughan questions whether banks are opportunistically trying it on in their response to the RBNZ's review of their capital adequacy requirements
10 Jul 17, 10:43am
Roger J Kerr sees high food prices likely leaving CPI inflation above Reserve Bank forecast levels
10 Jul 17, 9:40am
The NZ Initiative's Randall Bess says the growth in charter boat fishing requires a management rethink
9 Jul 17, 8:38am
With 2 mln electric cars on global roads today, a huge transition is underway. Nikko's James Lindsay surveys the likely impact and timeframes for New Zealand - and how investors should prepare


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