Using your mobile phone to check news and rates

This page tells you how to set up your phone to check the latest news, mortgage rates, term deposit rates, cash PIE rates, or credit card rates, on our new mobile service.

Set up is very easy.

The best way* is to text   interest   to   3443  and follow the link from the message you get back almost instantly.

(If that link is not available in the message, you will need to find the "Go To" url link, usually under the 'Options' tab.)

Or, go straight to ( in the internet browser section of your phone.

The phone 'font size' settings may influence how you view these mobile pages.

You should bookmark the link as soon as you have it, so you are only one click away after that.
We are very keen to get feedback on this service. Please email us at and let us know what you think. We provide this information free to you, although charges from your phone operator may apply. *=This text costs 20c. None of those phone company charges flow on to us. Advertising pays our bills.

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