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FMA sues trustee company

FMA files civil proceedings against Viaduct Capital's trustee in its first legal action against a failed finance company's trustee; First 'Section 34' use

No block on NZ banks issuing 'complex' debt

'Complex' bank debt securities 'that might not be suitable for many investors,' are okay for NZ retail investors, but not British ones 

Harmoney to start trading 'very soon'

Peer-to-peer lender Harmoney unveils its full board of directors, says 'go live' near

'P2P lenders need to build reputations'

NZ Bankers' Association CEO Kirk Hope says P2P lenders, virtual currencies face a challenge building reputations and trust

FMA to make sure P2P regulation 'remains appropriate'

FMA's Elaine Campbell says regulator will watch closely to see if P2P 'promotional' regulatory settings remain appropriate as sector gets up and running in NZ

P2P lending applicant for sale

Lendit, which has applied to the FMA for P2P lending and crowd funding licences, is on the block for $1 million

Harmoney granted 1st P2P licence

Harmoney the first peer-to-peer lender to obtain a licence from the FMA; Launch coming soon; Potential revolution in personal lending & savings market is born

First Union airs TISA concerns

Financial services workers' union takes concerns over international Trade in Services Agreement to RBNZ, FMA and senior cabinet ministers

FMA CEO not seeking 'belt full of scalps'

Financial markets watchdog prefers to help rather than enforce, says CEO Rob Everett; Says many retail investors who bought finance company debentures shouldn’t have

P2P, the Walmart, Ryan Air or Trade Me of banking?

Gareth Vaughan says P2P lending is an exciting financial services revolution, but needs to be watched closely by regulators