20 Oct 16, 5:16pm
Yet another batch of curious New Zealand financial service providers emerge, and they all have three things in common
20 Oct 16, 5:02am
Low interest rate environment sees more borrowers and less savers complain to the Banking Ombudsman
13 Oct 16, 10:25am
Financial Markets Authority says it's purpose is not to advocate for Harmoney as P2P lender's dispute with the Commerce Commission ratchets up a notch
12 Oct 16, 10:02am
ACT's leader tells Commerce & Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith to overrule 'over zealous' regulator and make a law change for P2P lender Harmoney
12 Oct 16, 5:02am
NZ's problematic Financial Service Providers Register the subject of the fourth highest volume of annual queries received by the FMA
10 Oct 16, 12:02pm
ANZ, Simplicity and the Grattan Institute debate whether more transparency will force KiwiSaver providers to cut their fees more aggressively
6 Oct 16, 4:16pm
FMA boss Rob Everett confident KiwiSaver providers will drop fees more aggressively once a new law requiring these be disclosed in dollar terms is passed
6 Oct 16, 10:02am
The Government needs to come up with a more elegant way of letting young people use KiwiSaver contributions for buying a first home
5 Oct 16, 12:35pm
Chapman Tripp's Penny Sheerin & Brendon Orr argue NZ needs a clear policy direction from government to keep pace with international developments
5 Oct 16, 11:46am
The number of KiwiSavers withdrawing money from the retirement savings scheme to help buy a house more than doubles
29 Sep 16, 1:36pm
NZ Bankers' Association wants Govt, not banks, to cough up more money to help fund the FMA
29 Sep 16, 12:53pm
Commerce Commission investigates Tower as the insurer refunds 23,000 customers after incorrectly calculating their multi-policy discounts
23 Sep 16, 12:58pm
Jen​ée Tibshraeny on the Singapore sling, a challenge for Paul Goldsmith, house flipping, a possible future PM, Indian students and more
14 Sep 16, 4:15pm
Would-be peer-to-peer lenders keen to get in on the act despite uncertainty around fees
24 Aug 16, 5:03am
Strewth mate! Why New Zealand should embark down the Australian anti-money laundering regulatory path rather than the British one
23 Aug 16, 5:03am
Ministry of Justice non-committal on who will supervise newcomers to Anti-Money Laundering & Countering Financing of Terrorism Act
17 Aug 16, 5:07pm
International pyramid scheme with registered NZ financial service providers at its core, left thousands of Chinese potentially up to US$1 billion out of pocket
15 Aug 16, 4:40pm
NZ financial services professionals discover their IDs being used without permission by dubious Israeli binary options firm
15 Aug 16, 4:29pm
Finance Minister Bill English expects IMF to identify differences between NZ’s arrangements and international standards in Financial Sector Assessment Programme
9 Aug 16, 4:27pm
Marketing costs and its wage bill leave Harmoney deep in the red


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