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New way around LVR restrictions?

FMA says peer-to-peer loans could be used to help fund house purchases

Here comes peer-to-peer lending

Online dating services for borrowers and lenders are almost upon us, so what will they mean?

'New era' for financial markets

Commerce Minister lauds introduction of new Financial Markets Conduct Act

ASB notes to pay 6.65% interest rate

Up to $400m worth of ASB debt securities with 'similar risks to shares without the growth opportunity' to pay 6.65% pa for 5 years

Criminal charges for finance company bosses

FMA charges ex-directors of Viaduct Capital & Mutual Finance which both short-changed taxpayers; Charges carry potential prison terms of up to 10yrs

ASB seeks up to $400m in bond offer

ASB launches 10-year, fixed rate, subordinated, unsecured retail notes offer; 'Tier 2 Capital' raised to be used to help meet regulatory requirements

$18.9 mln Bridgecorp deal

FMA consents to settlement between the receiver of Bridgecorp, the Bridgecorp directors & liability insurers; Another 4c for Bridgecorp investors

Go ahead for crowd funding, peer-to-peer lending

Cabinet rubber stamps regulations for crowd funding and peer-to-peer lending; Commerce Minister Craig Foss sees NZ as potential 'clearing house' attracting offshore investors

Stark warning for Asset Finance

FMA 'won't hesitate' to take legal action against Asset Finance if it commits 'material breaches' in the future

'No investment is absolutely guaranteed'

Retail investors' understanding of risk & diversification still lacking, departing FMA boss says; Sees too many eggs in property basket; Questions role of vested interests in KiwiSaver regulation