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Will the price of unleaded 91 petrol fall below $2 at the pump?



'General Equity house' for sale

NZ registered building society the FMA advised giving a wide berth to, looking to sell its Auckland office

What happened Thursday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; Westpac's 18-month mortgage special; Cullen funds growing rapidly; FMA a respected regulator; Countdown cleared of bullying; Harbour on China

General Equity misses financial statements deadline

FMA 'completely satisfied' General Equity warning was appropriate and based on 'clear evidence of misconduct'

SPI directors give enforceable undertakings, await sentencing

SPI directors Murray Alcock and Allister Knight give enforcecable undertakings to FMA after SPI property syndications hit the rocks

General Equity 'surprised' by FMA warning

Building society General Equity says it's being bought by Malaysian group and is reviewing legal options after FMA warning

Lending Crowd nears P2P application

Finance Direct majority owner says he's close to applying to the FMA for a peer-to-peer lending licence for Lending Crowd

'Heavy weights' discuss investment risk

FMA boss Rob Everett, ANZ's John Body, Mary Holm and Martin Hawes discuss and debate investment risk in Money Week event

Call for AML public awareness campaign

NZ Bankers' Association says Govt run public awareness campaign on AML would be useful, it makes sense for govt to explain laws 'it has introduced that have a wide-ranging public impact'

'All investment comes with some risk'

Majority of respondents to FMA survey erroneously think NZ bank deposits are guaranteed

The hunt for a socially responsible KiwiSaver

Craig Simpson reviews the Socially Responsible Funds available in KiwiSaver in the wake of ASB closing the FirstChoice Global Sustainability Fund