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KiwiSaver money go-round

FMA concerned transfers between KiwiSaver providers have almost doubled over past 12 months

FMA urges 'extreme caution'

FMA urges public to take 'extreme caution' if dealing with NZ registered building society General Equity, an entity highlighted several times by

RBNZ taking hard line on AML

RBNZ cracking the whip on AML compliance; Banks pull back from remittance

FMA spending more time in court

The FMA brought more cases to court in year to June as it completed finance company investigations

What keeps FMA CEO awake at night

FMA boss Rob Everett says complacency is his biggest regulatory fear

FMA keen KiwiSaver 'switching scandal' is avoided

Despite some concern over banks' KiwiSaver behaviour, FMA boss says the regulator doesn't see a systemic problem

Proportionate scheme directors fined $35k

The Jones boys fined $35,000 each for failing to meet financial reporting obligations on two of their proportionate ownership schemes 

'Going smoothly isn't about people not suffering loss'

FMA director of compliance Elaine Campbell says peer-to-peer lending is for investors with a good understanding of risk & an appetite to take that risk on

FMA sues trustee company

FMA files civil proceedings against Viaduct Capital's trustee in its first legal action against a failed finance company's trustee; First 'Section 34' use

No block on NZ banks issuing 'complex' debt

'Complex' bank debt securities 'that might not be suitable for many investors,' are okay for NZ retail investors, but not British ones