26 Jul 16, 5:02am
CEO Rob Everett says the FMA would prefer to be rid of the Financial Service Providers Register, but is hopeful MBIE's planned tougher registration rules will help with oversight
25 Jul 16, 7:39am
FMA CEO Rob Everett warns financial service providers not to be complacent about the fact that most people have to deal with them
15 Jul 16, 5:01am
Misuse of New Zealand's Financial Service Providers Register 'may be larger than identified'
14 Jul 16, 8:59am
Sovereign boss suggests the reviewed Financial Advisers Act could spark the creation of large multidisciplinary financial advice firms
13 Jul 16, 3:13pm
Commerce Minister Paul Goldsmith says Financial Service Providers Register to stay, but those on it must have a 'strong connection' to New Zealand
13 Jul 16, 5:00am
Reviewed Financial Advisers Act to see consumers' interests put first, disclosure requirements beefed up, adviser categories simplified, and the path paved for robo-advice
11 Jul 16, 12:02pm
Lawyers warn our regulators are upping the ante in their fight against money launderers and terrorists, as a big review of our AML/CFT regime looms and the issue gets more media scrutiny
6 Jul 16, 2:02pm
Churn, trips to Vegas, and high upfront commissions in the life insurance sector, but what about the banking sector?
6 Jul 16, 12:36pm
FMA backs public call for KiwiSaver providers to be more upfront in disclosing the dollar value you're charged in fees and what you're tracking to get when you retire
29 Jun 16, 11:36am
FMA warns commissions paid to financial advisers risk bumping up the price of life insurance; Goldsmith remains adamant commissions won't be banned
23 Jun 16, 5:00am
Craig Simpson looks ahead to what's in store for KiwiSaver investors at the end of the June quarter
22 Jun 16, 10:32am
The global footprint of shonky NZ companies, trusts, financial service providers & building societies
21 Jun 16, 7:27am
Much work and key decisions still ahead as government looks to roll out phase 2 of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act
15 Jun 16, 12:31pm
Craig Simpson examines the asset mix of KiwiSaver default funds and finds surprisingly wide differences in how they meet their mandate in this $7.2 bln sector
11 Jun 16, 5:02am
Kea street cred and US$1 bln promise lures Kiwi to front questionable financial service providers
4 Jun 16, 9:28am
How clean are our banks' mortgage books? We have been contacted with local stories about the same issues bedevilling Aussie banks
27 May 16, 1:15pm
Nelson's stock exchange, 'a big Ponzi scheme,' and other tales from John Key's offshore financial services centre
25 May 16, 9:00am
FMA CEO Rob Everett says the regulator's exploring how NZ benchmark interest rates are set with banks and the NZFMA
13 May 16, 1:19pm
Court of Appeal overturns High Court judgment that allowed the Luigi Wewege associated Vivier and Company to remain on NZ's Financial Service Providers Register
3 May 16, 10:43am
Craigs Investment Partners gets formal warning after FMA investigation into its Anti-Money Laundering Act compliance


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