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Yes. The price of crude oil globally is falling so this means the price has to naturally go below $2 at the pump.
52% (162 votes)
No. The oil companies won't let it drop that low.
23% (72 votes)
No. When you take into account the various taxes and duties the price of oil has to drop even further to warrant a sub $2 price at the pump and that is not going to happen.
19% (59 votes)
No. The oil price has bottomed.
6% (19 votes)
Total voters: 312

Will the price of unleaded 91 petrol fall below $2 at the pump?

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Kiwibank breaches bank registration again

Kiwibank breaches bank registration for 2 month period

Strong September quarter from Kiwibank

Kiwibank September quarter profit jumps 35%, net interest margin rises, cost to income ratio falls

Kiwibank puts brakes on high LVR lending

Kiwibank temporarily halts high LVR home lending that's not exempt from the RBNZ restrictions to 'rebalance the book'

Rabobank Sep quarter profit up 31%

Rabobank quarterly profit jumps as impairments fall

'General Equity house' for sale

NZ registered building society the FMA advised giving a wide berth to, looking to sell its Auckland office

NZX, Air NZ deals with Chinese bank

Bank of China unveils memoranda of understanding with NZX, Air NZ, China Construction Bank open in NZ too

'Don't shackle Auckland'

Motu study argues there are 4 key factors behind faster growing NZ towns and cities including sunshine hours and proximity to Auckland; Says Australia wins if Auckland's significantly restrained

Key trumpets 10 deals with China

PM John Key says 10 new 'agreements and arrangements' reached with China including agreement to amend free trade agreement

What to expect from the Aussie FSI

Citi analysts outline 4 expectations from the Australian Financial System Inquiry's final report

Surplus this year 'challenging,' English says

Finance Minister Bill English says returning to surplus 'challenging' with dairy prices falling and inflation low

A renminbi clearing bank for NZ?

Bank of China keen to become NZ's renminbi clearing bank

'Code should reflect Parliament's intentions'

Draft Responsible Lending Code says lenders should review fees if the fees are generating a profit; NZBA calls for Code to reflect Parliament's intentions

Fonterra to play Christmas grinch?

ASB cuts forecast Fonterra milk price payout to $4.70kg MS, ANZ sees pre-Xmas forecast cut from Fonterra

RBNZ's stance on OTC derivatives

RBNZ to review reports NZ banks provide Aussie regulator on OTC derivatives to assess whether such data is useful in NZ

3rd Chinese govt controlled bank enters NZ

Bank of China receives banking registration from the RBNZ; Ex-Cabinet Ministers Chris Tremain & Ruth Richardson on the board

Expecting 7% GDP growth 'a big ask'

Victoria University's Siah Hwee Ang argues expecting the Chinese economy to grow 7% annually is like asking WalMart to grow by 7% a year; And 'massaging' economic data

Step forward for responsible lending

Govt releases draft Responsible Lending Code in move to crack down on 'a percentage of lenders who engage in irresponsible or predatory practices'

Methinks they doth protest too much

Gareth Vaughan argues the RBNZ's LVR 'speed limit' policy stacks up favourably against its hysterical opposition

A challenge for ApplePay

Deloitte sees potential point of sale stumbling block for ApplePay, offers banks 'NFC world' advice

Macquarie expects Westpac underperformance

Macquarie analysts suggest Westpac group CEO transition will see its shares underperform the ASX for several months