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2 Dec 16, 10:19am
IMF's review of NZ's financial system & regulatory frameworks 'to deliver the expected result of not ticking a lot of the boxes,' RBNZ's Grant Spencer says
1 Dec 16, 5:02pm
RBNZ's Grant Spencer says review of residential mortgage-backed securities aims to make them more attractive for investors and give banks a new funding option
1 Dec 16, 4:23pm
NZ banks have lowest level of non-performing loans in the OECD, return on equity double the OECD median
1 Dec 16, 12:52pm
Grant Spencer says the RBNZ doesn't want to see simple sectors 'over engineered' as it pushes ahead with bank capital review
30 Nov 16, 9:58am
Kiwibank delivers slow September quarter as NZ Super Fund, ACC completed buy-in. Hastings office comes to fore after earthquake
29 Nov 16, 1:56pm
Treasury secretary Gabriel Makhlouf argues if 'mood of uncertainty' about the value of globalisation & free trade spreads this would be a big risk to NZ’s living standards
29 Nov 16, 12:02pm
Auckland University academic leading research project on regulating digital currencies keen to see consumers, not just banks, benefit
28 Nov 16, 11:13am
Impaired assets up 21% in September quarter at Rabobank NZ
25 Nov 16, 4:02pm
New Zealand's biggest bank posts big quarterly profit drop, grows mortgage book below system
25 Nov 16, 11:10am
ASB increases its floating mortgage rate hot on the heels of fixed-term rate increases
24 Nov 16, 10:06am
Investigative journalist David Cay Johnston on Donald Trump: 'He talks like a 13 year-old boy struggling with puberty & will tell you whatever he needs to tell you to get what he wants'
23 Nov 16, 8:53am
RBNZ sees 'tentative evidence' of a shift in saving behaviour in Aust & NZ due to pessimism about income growth and 'wealth hit' from the GFC
18 Nov 16, 12:54pm
Strong September quarter, albeit with significant net interest margin fall, has Heartland Bank reaffirming forecast for annual profit rise of up to 11%
18 Nov 16, 11:42am
Insurer credit rating agency AM Best to closely monitor implications for the financial strength of insurers with significant exposure to earthquake hit regions
17 Nov 16, 3:28pm
Sweden’s Riksbank to decide whether to start issuing an 'ekrona' within two years, deputy governor says
17 Nov 16, 12:16pm
Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse pledges crackdown on foreign-owned companies using debt to move 'excessive profits' out of New Zealand
16 Nov 16, 10:05am
ASB delivers strong September quarter as home loan growth surges, although asset quality deteriorates
15 Nov 16, 11:33am
Bank lobby group wants government to exclude bank regulatory capital from crackdown on tools used by multinationals to shift profits overseas and minimise New Zealand tax
12 Nov 16, 5:02am
RBNZ concerned range of challenges facing the construction industry will limit high density building and intensification in Auckland
10 Nov 16, 4:22pm
Paymark and ASB in online EFTPOS 'soft launch'. Service open to retailers and other banks
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