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Gareth is editor of and has worked for about 15 years as a financial journalist in New Zealand and the UK.

Articles by Gareth Vaughan

Rabobank top of the pops again

Rabobank comes in first in Roy Morgan's financial services sector customer satisfaction survey for 2nd straight month

'Kiwibank must be supported'

NZ First calls for 'urgent action' to develop New Zealand owned and operated banks

ANZ talks fees

Each lender is unique so there can't be a 'one size fits all' approach to whether fees are reasonable, ANZ says

NZ's biggest consumer finance business GE on the block

GE Capital looking to sell its Australasian consumer finance operations, but keep its commercial finance business

NZ consumer credit markets 'lightly regulated'

Commerce Commission says Responsible Lending Code should be flexible & adaptive to innovative products and practices from lenders

Apple's 'great endorsement for NFC'

TSM NZ boss hails Apple's iPhone 6 and Apple Pay as a great endorsement for NFC technology

'You are going to see monetary policy working'

RBNZ Governor says the rising OCR will hit borrowers in their pockets given the short duration of NZ home loans; Says OCR still 100 basis points below a neutral level

Consumer NZ zeros in on 'interest free'

Consumer NZ targets weekly and monthly interest rates, trigger points, interest free and fees in responsible lending submission

RBNZ says no to debt-to-income limit

Lenders should ensure borrowers will be able to service mortgages if interest rates rise significantly, RBNZ says in Responsible Lending Code submission

4 funders stump up $100m for Harmoney

Peer-to-peer lender Harmoney launches, "officially," with $100 million to lend

What Heartland's Harmoney deal means

Heartland Bank won't merely be a passive investor in P2P lender Harmoney, bank's CEO says

Taxpayers' money for SMEs via P2P lending?

The UK Govt uses taxpayers' money to help fund SMEs through non-bank sources such as peer-to-peer lending; Should NZ follow this example?

Big 4 banks 'dipping down' into small personal loans

Flat year at Instant Finance with expectations of growth ahead from new offshoot My Finance

Heartland buys into Harmoney

Heartland Bank to lend 'meaningful' sum through Harmoney; Likes P2P lender's technology & sees access to young customers

'Treat all lenders and borrowers the same'

Banking Ombudsman calls for special treatment for payday lending and loan sharking in Responsible Lending Code

Corporate specialist's quarterly lending up 6%

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi grows lending in June quarter and returns to profit

The 'dead rubber' OCR review

RBNZ set to leave OCR at 3.50% on Thursday, but there's still plenty of interest in what it says and what it forecasts

'Going smoothly isn't about people not suffering loss'

FMA director of compliance Elaine Campbell says peer-to-peer lending is for investors with a good understanding of risk & an appetite to take that risk on

HSBC reverses recent impaired asset rise

HSBC June quarter sees big drop in impaired assets with profit down 3.5%

S&P changes how it rates finance companies

Standard & Poor's revamps credit rating methodology for finance companies moving to more prescriptive approach