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Gareth is editor of and has worked for more than 15 years as a financial journalist in New Zealand and the UK.

Articles by Gareth Vaughan

Banks 'still held in high regard'

Few customers moving their primary banking relationship partly due to decline of personal interaction, Consumer NZ says

Semble mobile wallet launches, sans iPhones

Semble mobile wallet launches with ASB, BNZ and telcos on board; Available via Android but not iPhones. Semble yet to talk with Apple, expects other banks to join

Commerce Commission wins key fees case

Commerce Commission says court ruling makes it clear a lender's credit fees should only cover costs closely related to a particular loan transaction; MTF 'disappointed', considering appeal

'P2P platforms shouldn't expect to be exempt from the law'

Where, if anywhere, do licensed peer-to-peer lenders and loans done via them fit into consumer credit regulations?

NZ owned banks top of the pops

Consumer NZ survey shows customers of NZ owned banks most satisfied; Few people switching banks

In defence of high LVR restrictions

Limits to banks' high LVR residential mortgage lending helping keep a lid on the growth of household debt, RBNZ says

'No Australian-type scandals here'

The FMA says NZ's regulatory framework would be strong enough to out any Australian-style systemic financial advisory problems at big banks; Plus what NZ's Aussie owned banks say

Minimum repayment warnings for credit cards

Shake-up to consumer credit laws includes introduction of minimum repayment warnings on credit card statements

Time to cut floating mortgage rates

Gareth Vaughan argues it's time for banks to cut unjustifiably high floating mortgage rates

NAB pumps NZ$500 mln into BNZ

NAB follows rival Aussie banks by tipping cash into NZ subsidiary BNZ

Rabobank quarterly profit up 94%

Rabobank NZ profit surges, boosted by loan recoveries and rising net interest income. Bank launches Dutch style client councils

FAP! Is that it?

Govt's financial assistance package for leaky home owners, - where everyone gets a bargain, unless they own(ed) a leaky home

ASB CEO sees 'credible' internet currency within 3 years

ASB CEO Barbara Chapman talks up the potential for a digital currency with credibility, whilst ANZ's David Hisco highlights the importance of the bottom line

New credit card, borrowing regulations near

Govt's decisions on regulations prescribing cost of borrowing details and credit card minimum repayment warnings close, Minister Paul Goldsmith says

'Heavy, heavy demand' for 5yr mortgage

SBS CEO Wayne Evans says headline grabbing 5-year home loan offer designed to buy his bank time with customers

Ombudsman's balance transfer caution

Banking Ombudsman issues guidelines for borrowers transferring credit card debt between banks after growth in complaints

Westpac targeting 100k BNZ customers

Westpac swoops on BNZ's Air NZ airpoints gig, BNZ promises new loyalty programme with more flexibility and choice

Prescriptive approach 'adds costs right across the spectrum'

Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith says Responsible Lending Code doesn't drill down to the nth degree of detail, expects Commerce Commission to seek clarity in court

S&P still wary of NZ house price inflation

Potential for big drop in NZ property prices still concerns Standard & Poor's. But credit rating agency has 'base case' expectation of stability for NZ banking sector

Banks' responsible lending pre-approval concerns addressed

Banks, finance companies relaxed about final version of Responsible Lending Code. Focus now on Commerce Commission's enforcement