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28 Jun 16, 10:48am
Australasia's major banks' pre-funding seen alleviating any Brexit-derived problems in overseas wholesale funding markets
27 Jun 16, 8:17am
US$7 billion fraudster Allen Stanford, the 'outside wife', 'favourable tax laws,' and 'the legal Fort Knox of asset protection' - New Zealand foreign trusts
24 Jun 16, 10:14am
More time required to finalise sale of 45% of Kiwibank to NZ Super Fund and ACC, NZ Post says
24 Jun 16, 9:57am
SBS Bank sees massive rise in annual residential mortgage and consumer lending, but net interest margin contracts
23 Jun 16, 11:02am
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi developing its own virtual currency using blockchain technology
22 Jun 16, 10:32am
The global footprint of shonky NZ companies, trusts, financial service providers & building societies
21 Jun 16, 2:42pm
Finance Minister and Transport Minister say greater use of technology & directly charging for road use to be part of improving Auckland transport system
21 Jun 16, 7:27am
Much work and key decisions still ahead as government looks to roll out phase 2 of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act
20 Jun 16, 5:02pm
Mystery shop finds Aussie banks have tightened lending criteria but the more aggressive are still prepared to lend 9.4x income for investor mortgages & 6.2x for owner-occupiers
17 Jun 16, 11:31am
Auckland woman who used 4 names, plus relatives and associates, found guilty of $9.2 mln mortgage fraud involving 11 properties
15 Jun 16, 4:59pm
European institutional investors keen on NZ bank bonds ahead of UK vote on EU membership
14 Jun 16, 5:15pm
The 3 Chinese banks operating in NZ have now lent more than $1 bln and made inroads into the mortgage market
14 Jun 16, 5:00pm
Shaun Drylie, who 'successfully' led ASB's home loan operations through the RBNZ's introduction of LVR restrictions in 2013, named new SBS CEO
14 Jun 16, 1:26pm
The RBNZ issues warning on scam email sent to financial services sector claiming to be from RBNZ staffer
13 Jun 16, 5:32pm
ASB to stop considering overseas income in mortgage applications where a customer does not hold NZ citizenship or permanent residency
11 Jun 16, 5:02am
Kea street cred and US$1 bln promise lures Kiwi to front questionable financial service providers
10 Jun 16, 2:51pm
BNZ tightens rules for non-NZ & Australian citizens seeking loans to buy houses; ASB policies 'under review'
9 Jun 16, 12:02pm
Westpac NZ halts lending to offshore residential mortgage borrowers with overseas income
9 Jun 16, 5:02am
Gareth Vaughan argues TSB should disclose details of its relationship with P2P lender Harmoney
8 Jun 16, 9:51am
TSB costs and lending surge and provisions rise as dairy lending outlook darkens
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