rural charts

Rural credit

These charts report the growth in credit used by the rural sector in New Zealand. The data is provided by the RBNZ about one month after the end of each period. Data includes lending by both bank... Read full story

AP Stag

This chart series tracks the weekly schedule prices as at Saturday each week.

Fonterra share price

This chart series is based on the closing trading price for the Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd (FCG) shares.

The price data is the... Read full story

Farm expense index

This is a measure of the changes in farm operating costs - a sort of inflation index for farming businesses. These charts are not tracking livestock costs, only... Read full story

Farm sales

This series records the volume of farm sales, based on the monthly REINZ data. It excludes the sale of life-style blocks, and similar hobby farms.

... Read full story
Dairy prices

This chart series is based on wholesale trader prices in US$ per tonne, as reported, for butter, skim milk powder, whole milk powder, and cheddar cheese. These prices are converted into NZ$ at the... Read full story

NZ milk production

This data is from the Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ).

The members are Fonterra, Tatua Co-operative, Westland Milk Products, Goodman Fielder, Open Country Cheese, NZ... Read full story