Industry charts

Business credit

These charts report the growth in credit used by the business sector in New Zealand, other than rural business. Read full story


This is the official annual measure of productivity in New Zealand. Read full story

Performance of manufacturing index

Performance of services index


This Statistics NZ series measures the fortunes of our manufacturing industry. In this chart, we focus on revenue growth ("income"), and finished goods stock levels. Read full story

Motor vehicle retailing

This chart expands on the retail sales chart element dealing with motor vehicle sales. Read full story

Producer price index

Producer prices are a core metric of how private sector enterprises are performing, one that is watched closely by the RBNZ. Read full story

Retail sales

Retail sales data is published by Statistics NZ about six weeks after the end of each month. It is one of the important components of our economy. Read full story

Wholesale trade

New vehicles sold

This monthly data is supplied by the NZTA and records the new registrations for each month. Read full story

Building work completed

This Statistics NZ series measures the value of building work completed in each quarter. In this chart, we focus on the growth or otherwise of each category. Read full story

Performance composite index

The Performance Composite Index is a monthly survey combining both the PMI and PSI indexes.  It is produced by Business NZ, and sponsored by BNZ who also provide expert commentary. Read full story