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Terry Baucher is an Auckland-based tax specialist with 20 years experience. He works almost exclusively with high net worth individuals and owners of medium sized and emerging businesses. Prior to starting his own business, he spent six years with one of the "Big Four' accountancy firms including a period advising Australian businesses how to do business in New  Zealand.

Articles by Terry Baucher

Tax simplification: “Easy as one, two, three"?

Terry Baucher urges taxpayers to give the Tax Simplification Panel plenty of useful feedback. Your ideas?

More an Antipodean Hotel California than a 'rock star economy'?

Terry Baucher warns returning Kiwis to be careful of how you declared your tax residency status while you were away. The IRD may target you

Is Child Support disappearing down a rabbit hole?

'Curiouser and curiouser' - Terry Baucher says the aggressive Child Support penalty regime is clearly not working and he wonders why the IRD resists changing it

A bit of an omnishambles really

It's time for a comprehensive capital gains tax because the current system is delivering 'haphazard' & inconsistent outcomes

Superannuation versus property

Terry Baucher points out that recent IRD moves on overseas Super reinforce the incentive to invest in property ahead of superannuation

A matter of trust

Terry Baucher explains the importance of having your money and tax affairs handled by a professional with the right credentials

Taxed to the max

Terry Baucher explains the latest twist on the taxation of foreign pension funds and finds a 'distasteful double standard' in the new rules

Child support redux and a $2.6 bln headache

Terry Baucher details big changes afoot in the child support payment calculations and asks why late penalties remain so heavy handed?

Uncollected tax mushrooms

Terry Baucher says the IRD's attempts to collect overdue tax of $7.8 bln is close to "an outright failure - in essence what happened in Greece". He reckons rewarding good behaviour would stop the growing slide into late-payment habits. Your view?

The taxman cometh for more and more

Terry Baucher's New Year's prediction is that corporates and individuals will become increasingly squeezed by the taxman.

Avoidance, Evasion or Avoision?

Terry Baucher on the fine line between tax avoidance and evasion and the harsh consequences separating the two. 

Fancy a foreign trust? Here take two!

Tax sleuth Terry Baucher looks at the curious world of NZ foreign tax trusts and how they are a legitimate means of tax avoidance for non-residents. Your view?

"Television is a cruel mistress''

Tax man could pour cold water on Block TV show winners' party and profits. Terry Baucher says those looking to make a quick buck on a 'do up job' should take heed.

IRD strikes back - at foreign super funds

Terry Baucher looks at the IRD's latest plan to draw tax off withdrawals made on foreign held super funds and finds some shocking news.

Knock, knock. Who's there? It's the IRD

Terry Baucher on the IRD's new $78 m compliance programme and why you should be worried if you have something to hide.

'Tax tweaks late additions to Budget'

Tax columnist Terry Baucher does the sums on the "zero" 2012 budget and uncovers the unreported $1.4 billion 'bracket creep' that will put more money in Govt's pocket.

Beware of the creeping taxman

Terry Baucher looks at the effect of inflation and "bracket creep" and underscores yet another comparative disadvantage with Australia. Your view?

Pursuing the impossible at a high price

Tax specialist Terry Baucher looks at the heavy hand of the law when it comes to penalities on child support payments and questions their effectiveness. Your view?

The sharp end of Morton's fork

Damned if you do, damned it you don't; tax specialist Terry Baucher recounts the twisted tax tale of Morton's fork and how it applies in NZ. Your view?

The taxman is mightier than the payer

Columnist Terry Baucher details some sobering and potent powers of the IRD including the imposition of "shortfall penalities" of 150% for unreported cash earnings.