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'Tax mega-rich for their Kiwi hideaways' Opinion
28 Feb 15, 9:30am
Gareth Morgan 23
Gareth Morgan says we should have a Comprehensive Capital Income Tax for everyone and that would mean the global elite using NZ would pay their share. Your view?
Oil price bounce back predicted to be weak Business
27 Feb 15, 4:22pm
Jenée Tibshraeny 1
Oil prices expected to remain relatively low over next two years - exploration in NZ slowing right down
ANZCO's ownership and management evolving, concentrating Rural News
28 Feb 15, 11:10am
Allan Barber 1
Allan Barber looks at the recent changes at ANZCO Foods and the new path Itoham Foods is taking them
What happened Friday News
27 Feb 15, 4:00pm
David Chaston 2
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; approaching parity, lame consent levels, strong confidence levels, more water storage, rising swap rates
Friday's guest Top 10 Opinion
27 Feb 15, 11:02am
David Whitburn 49
David Whitburn on NIMBYs, Brian Gaynor's house price fears, Demographia & toilet paper, what's different about Auckland, Dilbert & more





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Local data keeps NZD elevated

Fonterra confirming current payout and NZ Trade Balance beating expectations helps NZD rally; US CPI falls in January; oil price slumps yet again, down 4.4%