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Productivity and the internet of things Opinion
01 Oct 14, 9:30am
Guest 3
Nigel Pinkerton would prefer not to argue with his pantry. He sees the 'internet of things' developing rapidly, changing the way we allocate our time and effort. Your view?
Major shake-up to BNZ executive team Updated Business
01 Oct 14, 11:05am
Gareth Vaughan
BNZ CEO Anthony Healy unveils executive team restructure, says it's needed to sharpen the bank's capacity to meet customer needs
Election result should be good for agriculture Rural News
01 Oct 14, 10:12am
Allan Barber 10
Allan Barber surveys the implications of the election result on the rural sector and finds most leaders see present policies delivering "the desired outcomes". Your view?
Corporate sector sees cash flowing Business
01 Oct 14, 10:52am
Overall Q2 payment times fastest on record but large company laggards stiff their suppliers with worsening payment times
90 seconds at 9 am: Tax deals 'illegal state aid' News
01 Oct 14, 7:32am
David Chaston 4
US consumer confidence falls sharply; oil and gold retreat; China factories expand; EU threatens Ireland over tax deals; iron ore price tanks; NZ$1 = US$0.779, TWI = 76.1




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Why Key and Wheeler are whistling in the wind

Gareth Morgan explains why John Key and Graeme Wheeler are unlikely to very effective getting and keeping the NZD at the new lower levels they want