20 Sep 17, 3:59pm

A review of things you need to know before you go home Wednesday; another mortgage rate cut, good Current Account progress, more job vacancies, dairy payout rise suggested, swaps up again, NZD up

20 Sep 17, 1:01pm
English tackled on government's housing demand and supply record; Says construction industry telling him 10,000 houses a year in Auckland "as fast as they can" go; Says cutting immigration wouldn't help; Rules out looking at asset taxes
20 Sep 17, 12:45pm
The Government's announced the convening of a joint industry-government group to oversee full re-instalment of jet fuel supplies into Auckland Airport
20 Sep 17, 9:11am
National, Labour and the Greens want to reduce government debt. But is it the right time for political parties to be campaigning on tightening the government’s purse strings?
Rural News
20 Sep 17, 11:54am
ASB economists stop short of raising their forecast for now but see a combination of record butter prices and wet weather as providing upward pressure on global dairy prices
Personal Finance
20 Sep 17, 11:40am
Labour Consumer Affairs spokesman Michael Wood says a Labour-led government may cap interest rates; Pledges more staff & funding for Commerce Commission investigations
20 Sep 17, 8:55am
Terry Baucher looks into what the agenda should be for a tax working group, who the group's members could be, and whose interests they should consider
20 Sep 17, 5:00am
Labour keeps focus on health spending, while National says election is a clear choice for voters; Winston rallies against Communist China takeover of New Zealand; TOP has a go at Labour over water tax
Rural News
20 Sep 17, 11:27am
Domestic lumber demand is tailing off just as export log demand is picking up, putting upward pressure on local log prices. Demand from India growing faster than expected

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