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21 Apr 17, 7:51am
NZD and local rates moved up after CPI release but subsequently reversed some gains, NZDUSD currently at 0.7010 and 2yr and 10yr swaps at 2.32% and 3.30%; despite soft data releases recently, US Fed speakers still looking to raise rates as planned
20 Apr 17, 8:10am
NZ CPI rise expected although RBNZ vows to 'look-through' it. Yield curve flatter. Markets welcome more NZGB supply
20 Apr 17, 7:39am
NZD drops to the 0.7000 level against the USD as the USD finds some support after a weak run; AUD worst performer of the day, now trading around 0.7500 USD and 0.9340 NZD; GBP loses some gains made from the election announcement
19 Apr 17, 8:09am
NZD trades close to 0.7040 USD, around its high for the session, and above 0.9300 AUD; GBPUSD up over 2% as an early UK election announced; US Treasury rates lower on weak CPI data and delayed fiscal stimulus, 10yr rate down 7bps
18 Apr 17, 8:17am
NZD trading at 0.7010 USD, driven by a weaker USD and strong China data; USD lower on Trump comments and weaker than expected CPI data; AUD pushes up to around 0.76 USD, sustaining gains seen after strong employment data, NZDAUD trading at 0.9230
18 Apr 17, 8:07am
NZ rates flatter as markets question whether the US Fed will raise rates in 2017. UST 10yr yields bounce back from lows. NZ eyes on Q1 CPI
13 Apr 17, 10:43am
Investors pile in to NZ Govt bonds that are in short supply, driving yields to test the 3% level for the 10yr. Local swap rates show flatter bias
13 Apr 17, 7:26am
NZD down between 0.3-0.7% on all crosses, trading at 0.6915 USD; AUD under pressure as well, as iron ore prices drop further; VIX index continues to rise, trading in the 15-16 range
12 Apr 17, 7:56am
Global forces, pushed by heightened geopolitical risks, are weighing on yields as investors move into bonds for safety. NZ Govt 10yr on track to go sub 3%
12 Apr 17, 7:50am
NZD and AUD changed less than 0.1% against the USD, NZD trading at 0.6955 USD and 0.9280 AUD; geopolitical risks continue to be centre-stage, Yen the strongest performer as the VIX rises to its highest level since US Presidential election
11 Apr 17, 8:09am
German and US yields lower in a risk-off move triggered by the attack on Syria, US focus on North Korea and the French election; USD lower and NZD up against most crosses; local yields were up 3-6 bps yesterday, following global moves from the weekend
10 Apr 17, 8:17am
NZD down to 0.6940 USD, local yields make fresh lows but expected to rise on market open; USD stronger and UST yields up as US unemployment rate falls to a lower-than-expected 4.5%; AUD lower as iron ore prices drop over 6% in one day, NZDAUD up to 0.9250
7 Apr 17, 8:15am
Local monetary conditions tightening, seeing some rates rise. Interest rate markets waiting on US jobs report. US Fed may first raise rates, then start bond selldown
7 Apr 17, 8:11am
NZDUSD traded a tight 30 point range and currently sits at 0.6970, NZDAUD up 0.4% to 0.9240; USD recovers some losses from the FOMC minutes which stated that the Fed may look to reduce the size of its balance sheet as securities mature later in the year
6 Apr 17, 8:11am
USD rallied on strong payroll data but lost most of the gains after the release of FOMC minutes, this trend was reflected in the NZDUSD; AUD support by higher base metal prices has seen the NZD fall below the 0.92 AUD level
6 Apr 17, 8:09am
Fed minutes take gloss off of good US jobs report. Germans want ECB to take foot off pedal 'slightly'. LGFA bond tender impresses markets
5 Apr 17, 7:55am
Sharp fall in local wholesale rates may turn around today after US moves today sees higher yields. Focus now on Xi-Trump meeting, and US jobs reports
5 Apr 17, 7:54am
NZDUSD trading at 0.6970, below the 0.70 level it was holding for the last few days, despite good QSBO and GDT numbers; AUD worst performer of the day, with NZDAUD trading at 0.9225
4 Apr 17, 8:00am
NZD strongest amongst the underperforming commodity currencies, trading at the 0.70 USD level and above the 0.92 level against the AUD; US yields lower, with the curve flattening, local rates followed at the long end of the market
3 Apr 17, 8:22am
NZD closed the week just above 0.70 USD after testing the 0.6975 area on Friday, outperformed the AUD to end the week at 0.9185; local rates range bound, 2-yr swap flat, 10-yr up 1.5 bps
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