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19 Jul 17, 8:20am
Wholesale rates fall as inflation weaker than expected. Next RBNZ hike not now seen until August 2018. US politics drives down international yields
19 Jul 17, 8:01am
NZD lost 60 pips on a soft CPI release but recovered it relatively quickly; USD was under pressure as two Republican senators said they wouldn't support the healthcare bill; AUDUSD tested its highest level in two years
18 Jul 17, 8:27am
All eyes on inflation data with expectations low, even below the RBNZ's estimate. Curves flattening on global trends
18 Jul 17, 7:54am
NZD, AUD and CAD all down from the weekend close, with the NZD opening at 0.7320 USD; GBP 0.3% lower and EUR and JPY are flat; attention today turns to NZ CPI
17 Jul 17, 8:08am
US CPI was lower than expectations for the fourth consecutive month, USD majors index is down 0.7%, US rates recovered losses to close 1 bps lower; NZD made the smallest gain of all majors against the USD, up 0.4%; local rate curve steepened on Friday
14 Jul 17, 8:05am
NZD and AUD up to 0.7325 and 0.7730 USD respectively, both trading in a significant area of resistance; USD flat prior to inflation release tonight, which has missed the target in the last three releases; global yields up on news of potential ECB tapering
13 Jul 17, 8:06am
NZD and AUD up about 0.6% after Janet Yellen's testimony, trading at 0.7265 and 0.7680 USD respectively; Fed may not need to raise rates much further to maintain supply and demand in the economy; CAD outperforms as BoC begins tightening cycle
13 Jul 17, 8:02am
Falling local yields expected to continue, driven by lower house price inflation, weak food prices, and slipping global rates
12 Jul 17, 8:18am
Politics keeps US rates from following European rates up. Focus turns to Yellen testimony. Return of receiving interest noted in local markets
12 Jul 17, 7:41am
Weak electronic card transactions and ANZ inflation gauge saw the NZD fall to 0.7202 USD prior to recovering to 0.7240 as the USD weakened; USD lower as emails suggest that Russian government helped Trump campaign; EURUSD rises to 14-month high
11 Jul 17, 7:54am
NZD opens 0.7275 USD this morning, where all major currencies, except NOK, are with 0.1% of their Friday close; NOK was up 0.5% on higher than expected CPI
11 Jul 17, 7:50am
NZ swap rates rise modestly in contrast to softer yields in the US and Europe. But markets wonder if this little more than a temporary respite from the recent global rates sell-off
10 Jul 17, 8:05am
NZD traded in a tight range apart from some volatility around the US payroll data, closing at 0.7280 USD; US payroll data stronger than expected, signalling robust economic growth; UK data weaker than expected, lowers rate hike expectations
10 Jul 17, 7:26am
Yellen concerned about asset prices and impact on financial stability, which may outweigh inflation in future rate decisions
7 Jul 17, 8:04am
Europe leads the global bond sell-off, which has also spilled over to the US markets, setting a risk-off tone; NZD and AUD at the bottom of the leaderboard; local rates lower yesterday but upside pressure expected on the open
4 Jul 17, 8:14am
Bond market complacency ends following the coordinated major central bank change in policy guidance. A more volatile period for the rates market could well prevail over coming months
4 Jul 17, 7:51am
NZD falls to around 0.7300 USD as USD recovers; USD major currency index up 0.5%; Yen continues to underperform; business surveys point to global economic recovery extending
3 Jul 17, 7:58am
NZD ended the week at 0.7330 USD on the back of a soft USD, up 0.5% for the day; Yen the was again one of the worst performing currencies; AUD up 1.6% for the week as iron ore prices rose 14.5%
3 Jul 17, 7:21am
Global bond selloff based on coordinated central bank messaging, has seen sharp yield gains in the past week, even in New Zealand which is ignoring recent RBNZ guidance
30 Jun 17, 8:02am
Less dovish comments from central banks are driving a global bond and equity sell-off, which is being led by Europe; NZD the worst performing currency, along with a soft USD, in a risk-off environment
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