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GDP Live

GDPLive is real-time forecasting of New Zealand's Gross Domestic Product.

Using AI and a myriad of official and unofficial sources, the AI team at Massey University's Albany campus has built a machine learning system that forecast's GDP nationally, regionally, and by industry sector.

Full explanations of how it works is here and its track record is here.

More detail of its data partners is here.

New Zealand's official national accounts are published about eighty days after the end of each quarter. But the data that builds these results is all available earlier, coming in continuously. That official flow, and some unofficial but highly relevant parallel data streams are what powers the results presented in the charts on this page.

As most readers should know, GDP isn't everything, its just one way - a way that has well-known flaws - to estimate an economy's size and growth. But until a better way of representing this scorecard is developed, GDP remains a useful resource so long as you understand its limitations.

Access to these charts is here with permission.

GDP Live for National or Regional areas
Annual GDP % change
Quarterly % GDP change
Current quarter end GDP % change
Next quarter end GDP % change
Bay of Plenty
Hawke's Bay
West Coast


GDP Live for industry sectors
Agriculture, forestry & fishing
Arts, recreation & other services
Education & training
Electricity, gas, water & waste services
Financial & insurance services
Health care & social assistance
Information, media and telecommunications
Prof, scientific, technical, admin & support
Public administration & safety
Rental, hiring & real estate services
Retail trade & accommodation
Transport, postal & warehousing
Wholesale trade


Click here to go to the GDP Live website and resources.

Days to the General Election: 22
See Party Policies here. Party Lists here.