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About Us

Welcome is the market-leading resource for interest-rate comparatives in New Zealand. It is the only truly comprehensive source of all interest rates, and is updated many times each day. It is a service by JDJL Limited of Auckland.

Over the years we have updated the look and user experience of this service. The latest version, designed by the experts at Little Giant in Auckland, was launched on Saturday, April 6, 2019.

This service was established in 1999 and has grown to be a key source of research on banks and other financial institutions that provide both lending and deposit products to the New Zealand market. Behind this live-and-free on-line resource are extensive databases, and a market intelligence service that supports many clients.

JDJL is completely independent of every financial institution and adviser group in the market. David Chaston directs a number of professional analysts, who generate a range of research, as well as institutional and media rate feeds.

Gareth Vaughan is the managing editor. His editorial focus is on banking and finance. You can contact him at  His direct line is +64 9 361-6881 and his mobile phone is +64 21 813-005

Gareth also publishes our Banking & Finance Daily Newsletter. Details are here »

Greg Ninness is a senior journalist. His editorial focus is on property. You can contact him at His direct line is +64 9 361-6882 and his mobile phone is +64 27 500-5110


David Hargreaves is a senior news editor. He works from both Nelson and Auckland and you can contact him at



Jenée Tibshraeny is our Parliamentary reporter, based in Wellington. You can contact her at Her mobile phone is +64 27 324-5156


Our Rural section editor is Guy Trafford who is based in Christchurch. You can contact him at 



Unique tools and processes ensure rate data is accurate and up-to-date. And, by supplying it on as comprehensive a basis as possible, without sorts or filters, the reader can survey the whole market and apply their own judgment to item selection.

Contact David Chaston for all ad enquiries, or see here.

For direct ad enquiries, please email us here and check out the resources on this page.

You can contact us as follows during regular business hours:

JDJL Limited

Office:  206 Jervois Road (level 1), Herne Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

Phone:  +64 (09) 360-9670
News:    +64 (09) 361-6881
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Other email:

Thank you for using our service. Feedback is always welcome.


Hi everyone at!
First of all, well done to all of u! you surely come up with intresting stuff to read about!
i thought it would be nice if you could develop an app for mobile devices. Any plans to do something in future?
Something similar to money/economics sites like project syndicate app!