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There are two identical calculators here, allowing you to compare one scenario with another.

READ THIS FIRST. Start with deciding what you want to know, and clicking the corresponding 'radio button' ¤ – this tells the calculator what answer you are looking for, and the result is displayed in the box next to that button. You can only solve for one attribute at a time.

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Institution Variable 6 mths 12 mths 18 mths 24 mths 36 mths 48 mths 60 mths
ANZ 5.19 4.15 4.05 3.89 4.05 4.49 4.75 4.85
ASB 5.20 4.39 3.89 4.25 4.05 4.39 4.69 4.79
BNZ 5.30
Co-operative Bank 5.15 3.49 3.49 3.59 3.59 3.89 3.99 4.09
HSBC 5.24 4.19 3.54 3.54 3.54 3.69 3.79 3.89
Kiwibank 5.15* 5.04* 4.20* 4.30* 4.64* 4.74* 4.84*
SBS Bank 5.29* 5.25* 4.85* 5.15* 5.05* 5.49* 5.89* 6.09*
TSB Bank 6.09* 4.69* 4.19* 4.35* 4.35* 4.69* 5.25* 5.35*
Westpac 5.34 4.79 4.15 4.25 4.09 4.49 4.85 4.95


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How can i calculate the following?

i paid interest only for the last 3 years , say for the sake of this question it was 100,000

and i have a debt " mortgage" of 400,000 and now i am switching into  principal+interest, how can i claculate my repayments, or is this option not possible with the above calculators?

Thank you

You can make this calculator work for 'interest only' by setting the Balloon payment to the same amount as the original Loan amount.

If you are switching from an interest-only version to P+I, then this calculator should work just fine. The interest-only period becomes irrelevant, as you paid down no principal over this time. Just set your starting principal to the Loan amount ($400,000 ?), and choose your Term and Interest rate.

Try it gives a better picture

Hi there,

Can you please show me how you calculate Straight line repayment? Say, principal is $132K, interest is 6.2%, monthly payment is $1200. How many years will it take me to pay off the mortgage?

Thank you

Select Loan Term as the radio box

Now put in principal amount, Interest rate, and repayment amount.

I'm getting 13.65 years.

Hi there, just wondering if you have an iPad app for all your calculators - would be really handy.... Thanks and really love the tools you've made available for users.

Thanks all.

Small niggle.  Why does your mortgage calculator calculates terms as ie "12.21" years.  What does that mean in months and weeks.  Is it a % of 12 months or is 12 years 2 months & 1 week.  Why not calculate in years and weeks? Thanks.

This is a great calculator, I'm going to save thousands!

Hi. This is a really good calculator. Can you add a "save as a PDF file" option please. Thanks

Hi, there's a problem with this calculator now. If I want to find out the loan term by clicking on that button, then try to enter a repayment amount, it glitches out and bounces back to another amount. There is a work around but it means deleting a single digit then entering a new one and working along to replace all digits.
One other thing that hasn't been answered from 2012 is : What does 12.21 years mean? It seems to be 12 and point 21 years which is nearly 12 years, 11 weeks. Thanks

Herald reported last week 30%(!) of mortgages are interest-only (, if this is you, the above won't help - also gives the option for interest-only....

I have recently reset my mortgages (one P&I and one IO) with Westpac. I noticed the P&I balance was hogher than I expected and asked Westpac to provide a full amortisation schedule for that mortgage since inception, so that I can see the exact amounts applied to Principal and Interest each month. They have refused to provide this on the basis that they don’t have that information. I am astounded by this. Surely it is the most basic data to retain for any organisation making loans? What do others think please?

It would be great if there was an option to see the final figures (interest+fees paid) for just a portion of the term.

e.g. i have 28 years to go, but am going to fix for 4 years, and comparing different banks 4 year rates. I want to know the difference in interest charged just for the next 4 years and not the life of the loan.