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Mortgage calculator

This is a powerful mortgage calculator, although if you are new to on-line calculators you may wish to start with something a bit more basic. Try here» On some browsers, this full page may take a moment to load. We also recommend you turn off any pop-up blocker before using this page.

There are two identical calculators here, allowing you to compare one scenario with another.

It is preloaded with the bank average 2 year interest rate. But this is a rate that assumes you have good financials and at least a 20% deposit. Variations from this assumption may mean that the actual interest rate you get offered is higher. You can over-ride and enter any rate.

READ THIS FIRST. Start with deciding what you want to know, and clicking the corresponding 'radio button' ¤ – this tells the calculator what answer you are looking for, and the result is displayed in the box next to that button. You can only solve for one attribute at a time.

Comprehensive Mortgage Calculator


$178 k on 1 year rate of 6.88%

$51- per week