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House price growth rate

This property capital value change calculator will allow you to check the averaged change over time in the value of your property. By using the this calculator you can offset the periods of volatility change between the purchase period and now to have a normalised variance reading.

This tool is most commonly used to analyze and standardise the change over time within directly quantifiable data.

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So that is compound growth. Mine was 9.57% compound growth over 11 years.

6.87 over 9 years. I also added a 150k shed a couple of years ago so only 5.28 if I deduct that.

Great tool ,thanks David for making it easy to calculate. 12.96% over 7 years (Queenstown House & Flat) but of course this is a paper value & the market always decides & not guaranteed until in your Bank Account lol

Is CAGR between 5 to 10% a good return ?

Ha, i thought i was quids in, paid $200k for land and house built on it 30 years ago, sold for $2.5M in 2017 which was arguably $500k over nominal value before the land was rezoned future urban.
The calculator shows that i actually only made 8.78% per annum over the period, so pretty ordinary in terms of interest rate return (not right now i realise, but during most of that time anyway).
taking out the last minute premium for zoning, the return drops to under 8%

The calculator needs a place to insert capital expenditure on the property so the net gain is apparent. For example, I bought my place as a do-up and spent $80k on capital expenditure and $20k on deferred maintenance. The calculator should allow for that.