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Soil moisture seasonal animation

Click to see the seasonal patterns of national soil moisture. The left-hand maps are the long-run averages, the middle map is last year, and the right-hand map is this year.

You will need to click 'play' to start it. This series starts on December 12, 2013 with maps from December 2012. Selecting the date range is optional.

If you select a long date range and you have a slower 3G connection, you should expect a delay while the animation is loaded. But for most, this won't be a big issue.

Select your date range.

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    not working for me on UFB, in either Chrome or Edge , there is an initial flurry of data coming at some speed but this only lasts a few seconds and then nothing happens. I cleared cache

    Doesn' work on Opera either.

    Not working at all on Chrome on 15Mbit link. No data appears to be coming through,

    Working again properly now. (Any new issues, please let us know.)

    Still shows my home as being a bit dry.

    I have noticed dryness cracks in our lawn last weekend ............ never seen this before in October