Rural news

13 Jul 18, 2:56pm
Keith Woodford explains how evidence for early arrival of Mycoplasma bovis continues to mount
13 Jul 18, 10:51am
Allan Barber reviews Blue Sky Meats chequered performance, this year a rare profit. Is this the turnaround that they need to justify the farmer loyalty they have enjoyed?
12 Jul 18, 9:33am
Guy Trafford wraps up the key dairy issues before the new season gets underway - the beta, TBD, MPB, confidence, and then on to DIRA
11 Jul 18, 10:34am
Guy Trafford interprets the messages flowing from Air New Zealand's decision to promote meat-free options on selected long-haul international flights. Meanwhile venison pricing breaks new ground
11 Jul 18, 8:37am
Allan Barber says disruption is coming from many directions for red meat, but the industry has an ideal opportunity to respond with a natural, grass-fed message for premium markets
9 Jul 18, 10:34am
Steady domestic demand contrasts with rising US demand, and analysts divided on next direction in China. India now pays the same as China although volume has slipped
5 Jul 18, 2:08pm
While this long-running Rabobank survey found lower confidence among farmers, a record high number assess their business as either 'viable' or 'easily viable'
4 Jul 18, 5:05pm
Guy Trafford finds polarised views flowing from what some urban consumers say (loudly), and how they live their lives with the market signals they send to producers
4 Jul 18, 1:15pm
The sharpest fall in global dairy prices for over a year raises questions about whether the current level of forecast milk price for farmers this season will be achievable
3 Jul 18, 8:58am
High Court ruling on PSA may have stinging repercussions for MPI on mycoplasma bovis claims. Shows biosecurity risks need to be taken more seriously by Government
2 Jul 18, 10:21am
Appointment of new 'independent' manager to Beingmate seen by Fonterra as key to turning around its under-performing investment in the company
2 Jul 18, 7:41am
Keith Woodford describes how official positions ignore the cascading evidence for early arrival of Mycoplasma bovis
28 Jun 18, 8:43am
Guy Trafford sees Fonterra's NZ shareholders finally getting a return from their Aussie investment. But he questions the value of seeking MPB eradication
27 Jun 18, 8:50am
Savvy buying by finishing farmers has paid off handsomely with lamb returns now competitive with venison which is also having a golden run. But longer term, there is still the climate change threat
27 Jun 18, 7:02am
Both farmers and the red meat processing industry enthusiastically support the work developing an origin brand, supporting and developing higher environmental credentials
25 Jun 18, 1:45pm
Grant Robertson says Fonterra needs to be focusing more on the value-add side of its business
24 Jun 18, 10:44pm
Keith Woodford shows that the more you know about the Mycoplasma species, the more complex the management issues become for eradicating Mycoplasma bovis
22 Jun 18, 1:00pm
Rabobank says New Zealand's dairy exports are facing brighter export prospects as prices rally on unfavourable weather in other countries, and trade frictions damage supply
22 Jun 18, 7:35am
Infant formula concerns raised for Fonterra and Beingmate in China. Fonterra says it's a technical not food safety issue, plays it down
21 Jun 18, 7:45am
Guy Trafford traces the implications for agricultural trade flows from the game of poker the US is playing with China. All sides are vulnerable, even those not directly involved


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