Rural news

14 Dec 17, 10:45am
Rabobank's Wes Lefroy explains how blockchain technology can enhance trade, provenance and transparency, and eliminate payment risk, in agricultural markets
13 Dec 17, 11:18am
The Weekly Dairy Report: Large areas of the country are very dry, as auction prices recognise production may fall unless rain comes soon
12 Dec 17, 4:02pm
The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report: Killing space now hard to get and numbers of stock at saleyards lifts as farmers destock for the dry
9 Dec 17, 8:58am
Suppliers face offers from fewer, stronger, nimble processors, focused on doing a few things really well, and responding to changes in consumer trends. There are positive options
9 Dec 17, 8:31am
Rabobank reckons that despite rising US and Brazilian production, 2018 prices for NZ beef won't suffer. But new Chinese emphasis on domestic production does cloud prospects further out
7 Dec 17, 9:27am
Fonterra cuts 2017/18 forecast Farmgate Milk Price by 35 cents to $6.40 per kgMS reflecting 'prudent approach to ongoing volatility' in the global dairy market
6 Dec 17, 2:35pm
Keith Woodford discusses trends in on-farm dairy debt and the challenges it creates
6 Dec 17, 11:39am
The Weekly Dairy Report: A small lift in the milk auction welcome, but the dry and lower production could influence the year's profits more significantly
6 Dec 17, 10:04am
Signaled public policy changes have farmers much more cautious for 2018, although most still expect their business performance stay the same or improve and farm investment to stay the same or increase
6 Dec 17, 8:37am
Farmer survey reports that only a small minority farmers feel that they have come under undue pressure from bankers over the past six months as rural sector heads into a drier-than-normal period
5 Dec 17, 3:38pm
The Sheep, Deer and Cattle Report: Weaning and drafting in the heat, as dryland areas quit animals at good prices before feed runs out
1 Dec 17, 10:53am
Fonterra hit with $183m damages bill over precautionary infant formula recall; Danone sees decision as 'guarantee that the lessons from the crisis will not be forgotten'
29 Nov 17, 11:12am
The Weekly Dairy Report: The global dairy market weakens further but dry conditions may trim milk flows to tighten future supply
29 Nov 17, 9:39am
All purchases of rural land over 5ha (except forestry blocks) will be subject to Overseas Investment Office assessment
28 Nov 17, 4:10pm
The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report: Lamb prices appear to have peaked as impending dry brings out more early animals to harvest
23 Nov 17, 5:15pm
Price volatility in log market now a distant memory. Domestic demand stable. Key export markets still in basic health. Index price equals record high
23 Nov 17, 4:21pm
Allan Barber looks at the new opportunities that open up in big multilateral trade agreements now that the US is not part of them. The dynamics have changed
22 Nov 17, 1:50pm
The Weekly Dairy Report: Forecast at risk after another weak auction, as production figures lift for October
22 Nov 17, 1:39pm
Keith Woodford discusses how new thinking is required to make dairy sustainable
22 Nov 17, 8:29am
ANZ economists expecting Fonterra to drop milk forecast next month from the current $6.75 to possibly as low as $6.25


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