Rural news

16 Feb 18, 4:26pm
Allan Barber sees increasingly urban crowds turning up for traditional A&P Shows like the Warkworth one, and a unique opportunity to balance out urban prejudices with rural realities and sensible perspectives. And it works
15 Feb 18, 12:13pm
Farmers now have negative perceptions of the economy, farm profitability, farm production and farm spending. Farm debt levels have increased and fewer farms are debt-free
14 Feb 18, 2:27pm
Average log prices remain well above 3yr average with firm demand from China and is likely to improve, variable demand from India where improvement will come later in 2018
14 Feb 18, 9:28am
Keith Woodford explores how fights over leasehold values have influenced High-Country reform
13 Feb 18, 4:49pm
Good red meat demand across all categories extends, helped by late season rain and good grass conditions. Even wool caught a lift. But the mystery over lambs wool prices deepens
13 Feb 18, 4:21pm
Guy Trafford reviews the week's dairy industry news featuring a firmer dairy price, mycoplasma bovis, NAIT's woes and Fonterra's China struggles
8 Feb 18, 12:14pm
A third, large rise in dairy prices raises spirits in the face of mycoplasma bovis. Milk flows getting weather-tested
7 Feb 18, 4:41pm
Markets giving deer industry strong signals, good signals elsewhere except for wool. But farmers worry about what the financial signals foretell
7 Feb 18, 11:17am
Latest GlobalDairyTrade auction results give support to the forecast of a $6.40 milk price for farmers - and possibly even a bit better - this season
1 Feb 18, 4:14pm
Allan Barber watches quota entitlements as a gauge of shifting meat company fortunes and market share. Rationalisation has brought a stronger meat industry even for farmers
31 Jan 18, 5:18pm
Guy Trafford wonders how a suggested Fonterra dairy co-operative in Australia would work. He finds it hard to see benefits for New Zealand shareholders
31 Jan 18, 9:30am
Markets give some encouraging signals; lamb prices firm; wool is micron dependent; beef shows surprising strength; deer season keeps on shining
29 Jan 18, 4:30pm
Keith Woodford discusses land tenure complexities of the high country. To extend the conservation estate, the Crown must obey the law. But activists tend to gloss over those requirements
25 Jan 18, 4:39pm
Drought worries replaced by Mycoplasma Bovis risks and concerns about MPI management of the outbreak. Milk flows lower. CPTPP benefits for NZ dairy will be much less
25 Jan 18, 3:56pm
Guy Trafford is concerned the sheep milk industry will be set back by a new milk dryer sited in the wrong province, far away from major sheep flocks that could use it. Public money is involved in this blunder
24 Jan 18, 12:15pm
There is a danger that the supply of farms coming on to the market could outstrip demand - REINZ
24 Jan 18, 9:14am
Wool in doldrums - "don't bother producing it". Lamb prices hold up well. Deer prices strong. Cattle prices hit by weaker US dollar although store prices holding on assumption US shenanigans are temporary
22 Jan 18, 2:56pm
Fonterra says its Beingmate associate may lose over NZ$200 million for 2017; directors questioning Beingmate's financial management and reporting; Fonterra will 'consider financial implications' in its own forthcoming interim result
17 Jan 18, 4:57pm
After the uncertainty of Mycoplasma bovis and widespread drought, the latest dairy auction has brought a more positive tone to the industry
17 Jan 18, 12:41pm
What a difference a day makes. Days of rain have underpinned the store market


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