credit charts

Rural debt
These charts report the growth in debt used by the rural sector in New Zealand. The data is provided by the RBNZ about one month after the end of each period. Data includes lending by both bank and... Read full story
This data is published weekly in a Public Notice by the Insolvency and Trustee Service of the Ministry of Economic Development. Bankruptcy is a way of dealing with debts you cannot pay. Becoming... Read full story
Business debt
These charts report the growth in credit used by the business sector in New Zealand, other than rural business. The data is provided by the RBNZ about one month after the end of each period. Data... Read full story
Consumer debt
This chart shows the total debt consumers have incurred, other than housing debt. It measures credit card debt, installment credit, hire purchase, personal loans, car loans, and store credit. However... Read full story
Credit card debt
New Zealand data on credit card use and balances is collected by the RBNZ and reported monthly.  This gives us an important look at the growth of credit limits, how much of those limits are being used... Read full story
Electronic transactions
This data is released by Statistics NZ monthly, and includes all transactions done through credit cards, debit cards, and other card payment systems. This series is a closely watched series, and... Read full story
Household deposits
This data is published by the Reserve Bank about 4 weeks after the end of each month in its C17 series. It is sourced from detailed data returns it gets from all banks and non-bank deposit-takers. It... Read full story
Housing debt
The Reserve Bank publishes the total volume of housing debt issued by almost all financial insitutions every month, about 4 weeks after month end. This data enables us to derive the growth in housing... Read full story

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