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Grocery price monitor

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The same basket of groceries is priced each week using the Countdown in NZ and Woolworths in Australia online facilities.

The basket is a 'healthy food' shopping list as published by Good Food magazine and supplied to them by the University of Otago, Department of Human Nutrition. The list is here.

The Australian basket of groceries is then converted to NZ$  at the current rate, for comparison purposes.

Where items are unavailable or another item which is of similar quantity or size then we make the appropriate substitution, choosing the lower-priced item. When available, house brand are chosen if cheaper.

By allowing for substitution of items we believe this more accurately reflects the buying habits of the New Zealand shopper.

The prices used are via the websites and do not include the cost of delivery.


Nice tool,nz


Hi, it says single, how many people is it for? Also is there a link to any further documentation of the list?


The price rises are on their way up , they will be passed through in next few weeks Milk , loo paper , cleaning products