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Weekly earnings

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Data in this set of charts is sourced from Statistics NZ Quarterly Earnings Survey (QES).

QES statistics are derived quarterly from approximately 18,000 surveyed business locations in a range of industries and regions throughout New Zealand. Information relates to the payweek ending on, or immediately before, the 20th of the middle month of the quarter. Therefore, the reference months are February, May, August, and November.

The QES is a panel survey. This means that all businesses in the sample are surveyed in each quarter until the sample is reselected or redesigned, when some businesses are rotated out. The need to maintain a sample that provides good coverage of economic activity means that smaller businesses have a higher chance of being rotated out of the sample than larger ones. Between a sample reselection or redesign, businesses are removed if they cease business or stop employing staff. A sample of new businesses and businesses that come into the scope of the survey is also introduced each quarter.

Results from the quarterly samples are available approximately three months after the survey reference month.