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Consumer confidence

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ANZ Roy Morgan - monthly
McDermott Miller - quarterly

This series measures the results of a set of five questions asked monthly of a random telephone sample of over 1,000 people.

The ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence Rating is 100.0 plus the simple unweighted average of the difference between the percentage of respondents who give favourable and those who give unfavourable answers to five key questions.

The questions are:
Q1: Would you say you and your family are better-off financially or worse off than you were at this time last year?
Q2: This time next year, do you and your family expect to be better-off financially or worse off than you are now?
Q3: Thinking of economic conditions in New Zealand as a whole. In the next 12 months, do you expect we’ll have good times financially, bad times or some good and some bad?
Q4: Looking ahead, what would you say is more likely, that in New Zealand as a whole, we’ll have continuous good times during the next five years or so — or we’ll have bad times — or some good and some bad?
Q5: Generally, do you think now is a good time — or a bad time — for people to buy major household items?

There are a number of consumer confidence surveys done in New Zealand, all using similar survey techniques, and it is a feature that most give a very similar trend to their results.

Most surveys of consumer confidence are done as a part of a wider set of questions asked at the same time.