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Mortgage calculator


You can work out your expected
payments, how much you can
borrow, and how long it will take
to pay off  a loan.

Fix or float?

Do you currently have a variable
rate? This calculator can help
you access whether you should
switch to a fixed-rate mortgage.

Business overdraft

Check the true cost of your
business overdraft and see
if you can save.

Where can I buy?

This calculator tells you where
in NZ you should look for your
new home, if you want to keep
your payments affordable.

Getting out of debt

Work out how to pay off several
debts at once so you pay the
least interest.


Real cost of debt

If you know your regular payment
amount, work out what you are
being charged for the cost of debt


Credit card calculator

If you pay your credit card bill
at the minimum payment rate,
you might be shocked at what
you are agreeing to.

Mortgage break fee

Estimate the likely cost of breaking
a fixed interest rate contract early,
by bank, including the main fees.


What can I afford?

This calculator gives you a general
indication of what your the loan
affordability is in relation to owner
occupied homes.



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Deposit calculator

Compares your return on two
investment choices,side-by-side. 
A powerful tool for term deposits.

Savings goal

Work out how much money you
will need to put aside regularly in
order to reach your savings goal.

Save to a plan

Use this calculator to see how
much your regular savings will
grow over time.


Compounding growth calculator

Make compounding growth work
for you.  This calculator shows
how your term deposit will grow.

Residential property investment

If you are professional about
your investments, you need to
take a look at this calculator.

Savings or debt reduction?

Which is best for you?  This
calculator will work out whether
it is best to save or repay debt.

Saving for house deposit calculator

This is a helpful tool to work
out how long it will take you
to save for a house deposit.





Retirement planning                                           < back to top >

Retirement goal

Work out how much money you
need to put aside regularly to
meet a retirement savings goal.


Your financial health

This clever calculator helps you to
answer the critical question, how
is your financial health?

Deposit Calculator

Compares your return on two
investment choices,side-by-side. 
A powerful tool for term deposits.

When can I retire? calculator

To retire early the most important
number is not your return on investment.      It's your savings rate.
This calculator shows you how.

See how KiwiSaver can prepare you

A simple way to see how KiwiSaver
can help you save for retirement.

How much will you need to retire?

Another clever, simple way to
work out how much you will
need to retire.

KiwiSaver sustainability

Work out what your KiwiSaver fund
might grow to, even if you stop
making contributions.




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Foreign currency calculator

Get the true rates each institution
uses to SELL foreign currency to
you.  This rate is different from the
rate the BUY a currency from you

Compare NZ to Australia

This calculator compares New
Zealand's personal tax rules and
working for families with the
equivalent policies in Australia.

Work out your Net Worth

Knowing your net worth is an important first step in getting financially sorted. Your net worth is what you own, minus what you owe.


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