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Debt to Income (DTI) calculator

Banks and regulators take close notice of the relationship between your personal combined debt level and your combined gross income. This is called your "debt-to-income ratio". This calculator makes it easy to work out (although you will need to take some time to figure the totals of each element).

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Please could a calculator (or steps using existing calculators) be provided where I could input my age, loan balance, DTI ratio, and the income required (gross or net?) be generated.

I am wanting to set a goal in terms of income, currently my DTIR is 65.12 excluding non mortgage debt.  My loans are fixed until 2026 at 2.99.  I am preparing for that time.

Thank you!


Can I confirm that the monthly debt payments are just the repayments on monies borrowed? They don't include household expenses like rates or insurance?