Bonus savings accounts

We have updated our coverage of Saving accounts, separating them out by type. Unique pages now exist for the following savings account types:
- Bonus savings accounts - Business savings accounts - Children's accounts
- Online savings accounts - Standard savings accounts  

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* = These products may require a regular monthly deposit. Other conditional may also apply. Refer to institution directly.


Institution Credit Rating Account type Minimum deposit $ Interest rate %
ANZAA-Serious Saver - base rate$10.05
AA-Serious Saver - bonus rate $10.40
AA-Serious Saver - potential rate $10.45
ASBAA-Savings Plus - base rate$10.05
AA-Savings Plus - bonus, one withdraw/qtr$10.03
AA-Savings Plus - potential rate, one withdraw/qtr$10.08
AA-Savings Plus - bonus, no withdraw/qtr$10.10
AA-Savings Plus - potential rate, no withdraw/qtr$10.15
BNZAA-Rapid Save - base rate$10.10
AA-Rapid Save - bonus rate$10.30
AA-Rapid Save - potential rate$10.40
Co-operative BankBBBStep Saver - base$10.10
BBBStep Saver - bonus rate$10.25
BBBStep Saver - base and bonus rate$10.35
KiwibankAOn-line Call - base rate$2,0000.05
AOn-line Call - bonus rate$2,0000.45
AOn-line call - potential rate$2,0000.50
AFast Foward - base rate$10.05
AFast Foward - base rate$1,0000.05
AFast Foward - base rate$4,0000.05
AFast Forward - base and bonus rate$10.50
AFast Forward - base and bonus rate$1,0000.50
AFast Forward - base and bonus rate$4,0000.50
RaboDirectAPremiumSaver - base$10.20
APremiumSaver - bonus$10.55
APremiumSaver - potential rate$10.75
SBS BankBBBIncentive Saver - base rate$10.05
BBBIncentive Saver - bonus rate$10.45
BBBIncentive Saver - potential rate$10.50
WestpacAA-Westpac Bonus Saver - base rate$10.05
AA-Westpac Bonus Saver - bonus rate $10.20
AA-Westpac Bonus Saver - potential rate $10.25

Credit Unions

Institution Credit Rating Account type Minimum deposit $ Interest rate %
Police CUBBBBonus Saver - base$200.50
BBBBonus Saver - bonus*$200.30
BBBBonus Saver - potential interest$200.80
BBBFuture Saver - base$200.50
BBBFuture Saver - bonus$200.30
BBBFuture Saver - potential interest$200.80