Insurance news

15 Mar 18, 9:55am
Rebecca Sellers puts the spotlight on the Government's long awaited review of insurance contract law
10 Mar 18, 11:31am
Invasive insurer horror stories highlight legal gap to be addressed in recently-announced insurance contracts law review 
8 Mar 18, 12:38pm
Commerce Commission decision sees Vero sell its Tower shares to Bain Capital Credit for less than it bought them for
7 Mar 18, 3:50pm
David Hargreaves says the CBL disaster appears to have revealed massive loopholes in our regulatory processes; shareholders and the investment community deserve better
7 Mar 18, 1:03pm
Having forked out $240m for damage caused by extreme weather events in the last year, insurers call for the establishment of a central agency to oversee a plan to adapt to the impacts of climate change; LGNZ on a similar page
7 Mar 18, 5:00am
Harbour Asset Management values CBL shares last traded for $3.17, at 28 cents; Lloyd's of London to take over CBL contract to underwrite new building warranties  
6 Mar 18, 11:47am
Government commits to reviewing archaic laws criticised for putting consumers on the back foot when dealing with insurers
6 Mar 18, 5:00am
Insurance lawyer Andrew Hooker highlights the dangers of signing a settlement document presented to you by your insurer
5 Mar 18, 7:04am
Jenée Tibshraeny looks at where Tower's at - three months after completing a capital raise and nearly a year after taking out a $30m bank loan to boost its solvency 
2 Mar 18, 11:38am
EY says it didn't know the Reserve Bank was investigating CBL when it gave the company's founder, Peter Harris, its NZ Entrepreneur of the Year award last year
1 Mar 18, 2:33pm
RBNZ Deputy Governor Geoff Bascand says CBL Insurance paid $55 mln to overseas companies 'in the context of significant doubts about CBL Insurance's solvency'
1 Mar 18, 7:18am
Tower settles dispute with Peak Re; Agreement for it to receive half the reinsurance it was after will see its profit take a $15.2 million hit after tax
28 Feb 18, 4:03pm
CBL Corporation to be in breach of NZX listing rules by not releasing financial results
28 Feb 18, 11:23am
CBL Insurance policyholders and beneficiaries advised to consider seeking cover elsewhere; Any costs they face will rank as an 'unsecured creditor claim' if the company enters liquidation 
27 Feb 18, 12:20pm
KordaMentha confirms CBL Corp's results won't be released Tuesday as planned; Central Bank of Ireland warns there could be a 'disorderly failure' of CBL Insurance Europe if it isn't put into administration
26 Feb 18, 4:32pm
David Hargreaves says the CBL saga raises questions about the RBNZ's handling of its insurance sector regulation and supervision
24 Feb 18, 7:55pm
RBNZ action sees High Court place CBL Insurance into interim liquidation; Order sparks withdrawal of parent company's issuer credit rating
24 Feb 18, 9:18am
When an insurance company tries to force you to sue the builders who botched up your repair...
23 Feb 18, 3:07pm
Government to appoint an independent ministerial adviser to help EQC settle claims more quickly
20 Feb 18, 11:45am
Irish central bank orders European subsidiary of NZ insurer, CBL, to stop writing new business; CBL to challenge order, saying it will 'take any action it deems necessary' to protect its interests; RBNZ says nothing


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