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Deposit calculator

This is a powerful calculator, designed specifically for New Zealand conditions.

Use it to compare your after-tax return from two different investment choices.

Start with the left-hand option. Choose the type of investment from the "Investment Type" drop-down box, and then set the other criteria. Then, compare another option in the right-hand option. They both work in exactly the same way. You can even compare tax-free investments - just choose "0" in the "Tax Rate" box.

The latest interest rates are listed in the main menu, under the "Saving" tab.

Use the "View Transactions" tool to see exactly how we calculated the answers. Choosing the starting date can affect how returns work out, so this feature allows you to control its effect.

Although this calculator covers a comprehensive range of criteria, you should only use it to provide an estimate of returns. Financial institutions may (or may not) use different criteria in working out how interest is credited and paid. Only they can provide you with authorative projections.

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Term deposit calculator