Climate change

16 Mar 18, 11:57am
Nirmal Nair on bitcoin & power usage, cybersecurity threats to electricity grid resilience, NZ's tree planting, the Census, RD&D, microchipping employees, Dilbert & more
9 Mar 18, 7:33am
Tax Working Group chairman Michael Cullen is signalling environmental taxes are on the agenda. EY’s David Snell welcomes this and says it could be a way to change people's behaviour
7 Mar 18, 1:03pm
Having forked out $240m for damage caused by extreme weather events in the last year, insurers call for the establishment of a central agency to oversee a plan to adapt to the impacts of climate change; LGNZ on a similar page
28 Feb 18, 7:30am
National leader Simon Bridges says his party will be placing an emphasis on environmental policies and has suggested he could work with the Greens – are we seeing the early stages of a ‘teal deal’?
8 Feb 18, 11:45am
Peter Dunne argues the tax system should be reformed with a focus on mitigating the adverse impact human beings have on the natural environment
19 Dec 17, 7:39am
Pigeonholed in some quarters as a permabear, John Mauldin says he's actually an optimistic person who is confident in the future of humanity
8 Dec 17, 10:00am
A Motu Top 10 on festive giving ideas; gender, nature and nurture; lost Einsteins; how Nazis are made; paywalls; potatoes and productivity, Mugabe's lottery win & climate change in the USian mind
6 Dec 17, 11:31am
Insurers suffer record losses due to weather events in 2017, but recoup some of these through premium hikes; Reinsurers remain committed to New Zealand
10 Nov 17, 11:10am
A year after winning the US election, Trump is leading his country from centre stage to the wings of international affairs, writes the University of Auckland's Stephen Hoadley
29 Oct 17, 7:38am
Green Party's Shaw reveals leached nitrate levy policy is off the table - for the time being; Alex Tarrant reviews the government parties' climate change mitigation stances and wonder whether there'll be a future clash on the means to the end?
27 Oct 17, 10:02am
Hot on the heels of the swearing in of NZ's new Government, Nirmal Nair looks at some international items on Education, Climate-Change mitigation, Carbon prices, Australia & US Energy policies that align with our future 'mega trends' here
24 Oct 17, 4:39pm
Greens outline confidence and supply agreement with new Government, which includes 20 'policy goals' across Green priority areas; one goal is a Rent to Own housing scheme
24 Oct 17, 3:19pm
The coalition deal: Regional Development gets the expected big push, with creation of a $1 bln per annum Regional Development (Provincial Growth) Fund; minimum wage to rise to $20 per hour by 2021; Kiwibank to get a boost
20 Oct 17, 5:15pm
Labour-led govt will bring in Zero Carbon Act, Climate Commission and have an all-sectors, all gasses pricing scheme; Ardern says Peters agrees on outcome, advocated strongly for the regions, which will show through in policies
20 Oct 17, 2:03pm
Greens tout policy areas including on climate change, welfare, cannabis reform, drug and alcohol addiction and mental health
29 Sep 17, 9:54am
National and the Greens have policy fit in some areas, including Climate Change, National’s Paula Bennett says; Would like to talk, but says the Greens don’t look up for it
22 Sep 17, 12:36pm
With the environment the backbone of the NZ economy, is a National/Green government a possibility in the future? Andrew Campbell and Bryce Edwards share their views
15 Sep 17, 10:00am
Climate change advocate Paul Young on: Who broke the climate? Counting the cost of the weather, trying to balance the carbon emissions budget, why China is a big hope, NZ's inconvenient truth & more
12 Sep 17, 12:10pm
Federated Farmers says farmers will protest in Jacinda Ardern's hometown of Morrinsville 5 days before the election over 'continued attacks on rural New Zealand'
8 Sep 17, 9:52am
Labour says will legislate to target net zero emissions by 2050 vs 1990 levels; Says agriculture will be gradually introduced into the ETS, starting with allowing it 90% of emissions free


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