Climate change

17 Jul 18, 12:22pm
What NZ can learn from Europe when it comes to using tax to incentivise greater electric vehicle uptake
12 Jul 18, 7:56am
A group of 60 NZ CEOs have joined forces 'to help New Zealand transition to a low emissions economy'
8 Jul 18, 7:02am
The Greens’ 5% polling puts them on the precipice of oblivion and with simmering issues within the party, Jason Walls argues a new socially progressive party could spell the end of this coalition govt
27 Jun 18, 8:50am
Savvy buying by finishing farmers has paid off handsomely with lamb returns now competitive with venison which is also having a golden run. But longer term, there is still the climate change threat
14 Jun 18, 1:18pm
Green Party co-leader and Wellington local James Shaw sits down with political reporter Jason Walls for a few beers and a chat about how he’s faring as a Minister
9 Jun 18, 10:02am
IMF report, that declared the RBNZ 'materially non-compliant' in 13 of 29 international bank regulatory standards, to be a key sounding board for phase 2 of RBNZ Act review
8 Jun 18, 10:17am
Jenée Tibshraeny questions why the Government decided to draw a line in the sand on climate change by threatening an already threatened form of energy - gas
25 May 18, 2:59pm
Insurers renew their calls for immediate action on climate change adaptation as the cost of more frequent extreme weather events stack up
18 May 18, 8:56am
Despite expectations of an environmental and biosecurity reset, Budget 2018 was a boring-as-usual effort offering little new direction for the rural community
11 May 18, 1:44pm
Central govt asks Productivity Commission to probe local govt funding; acknowledges some of the councils facing the biggest cost increases have shrinking rating bases
8 May 18, 12:30pm
Keith Woodford explains why methane and carbon dioxide need separate accounting systems rather than being lumped together in a single emissions trading scheme
5 May 18, 9:24am
Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods talks up NZ's comparative advantage producing renewable energy, but can't say how quickly its production can be scaled up 
3 May 18, 12:26pm
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern introduces the ‘tripartite Future Work Forum’ with a goal to prepare NZ for the ‘rapidly changing nature of work’
2 May 18, 10:14am
Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods takes up challenge to provide more detail on what the Government's plan to transition away from oil and gas looks like
1 May 18, 8:39am
Guy Trafford points out that taxing farming carbon output will just reduce or close local production, with urban food then sourced overseas. First-mover actions will be an own-goal
27 Apr 18, 1:00am
Productivity Commission calls for drastic carbon price increases, the inclusion of agriculture in the ETS, huge land-use changes, and rebates for clean vehicle imports
19 Apr 18, 3:12pm
Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr echos 'success is failure' sentiment of his British counterpart, warning a rapid transition away from fossil fuels could cause shocks to the financial system
18 Apr 18, 11:30am
A more activist approach to climate change drawing in agriculture will produce some winners in the sector, but as the only country proposing GHG liabilities for livestock, change is coming
12 Apr 18, 3:18pm
Jenée Tibshraeny takes aim at the Government for looking beyond the local, as it eyes the global, by banning new offshore oil and gas exploration
12 Apr 18, 12:30pm
PM Ardern says government giving oil and gas sector years of notice on move away from fossil fuels to avoid harsh Rogernomics-type impact on economy


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