Climate change

19 Dec 17, 7:39am
Pigeonholed in some quarters as a permabear, John Mauldin says he's actually an optimistic person who is confident in the future of humanity
8 Dec 17, 10:00am
A Motu Top 10 on festive giving ideas; gender, nature and nurture; lost Einsteins; how Nazis are made; paywalls; potatoes and productivity, Mugabe's lottery win & climate change in the USian mind
6 Dec 17, 11:31am
Insurers suffer record losses due to weather events in 2017, but recoup some of these through premium hikes; Reinsurers remain committed to New Zealand
10 Nov 17, 11:10am
A year after winning the US election, Trump is leading his country from centre stage to the wings of international affairs, writes the University of Auckland's Stephen Hoadley
29 Oct 17, 7:38am
Green Party's Shaw reveals leached nitrate levy policy is off the table - for the time being; Alex Tarrant reviews the government parties' climate change mitigation stances and wonder whether there'll be a future clash on the means to the end?
27 Oct 17, 10:02am
Hot on the heels of the swearing in of NZ's new Government, Nirmal Nair looks at some international items on Education, Climate-Change mitigation, Carbon prices, Australia & US Energy policies that align with our future 'mega trends' here
24 Oct 17, 4:39pm
Greens outline confidence and supply agreement with new Government, which includes 20 'policy goals' across Green priority areas; one goal is a Rent to Own housing scheme
24 Oct 17, 3:19pm
The coalition deal: Regional Development gets the expected big push, with creation of a $1 bln per annum Regional Development (Provincial Growth) Fund; minimum wage to rise to $20 per hour by 2021; Kiwibank to get a boost
20 Oct 17, 5:15pm
Labour-led govt will bring in Zero Carbon Act, Climate Commission and have an all-sectors, all gasses pricing scheme; Ardern says Peters agrees on outcome, advocated strongly for the regions, which will show through in policies
20 Oct 17, 2:03pm
Greens tout policy areas including on climate change, welfare, cannabis reform, drug and alcohol addiction and mental health
29 Sep 17, 9:54am
National and the Greens have policy fit in some areas, including Climate Change, National’s Paula Bennett says; Would like to talk, but says the Greens don’t look up for it
22 Sep 17, 12:36pm
With the environment the backbone of the NZ economy, is a National/Green government a possibility in the future? Andrew Campbell and Bryce Edwards share their views
15 Sep 17, 10:00am
Climate change advocate Paul Young on: Who broke the climate? Counting the cost of the weather, trying to balance the carbon emissions budget, why China is a big hope, NZ's inconvenient truth & more
12 Sep 17, 12:10pm
Federated Farmers says farmers will protest in Jacinda Ardern's hometown of Morrinsville 5 days before the election over 'continued attacks on rural New Zealand'
8 Sep 17, 9:52am
Labour says will legislate to target net zero emissions by 2050 vs 1990 levels; Says agriculture will be gradually introduced into the ETS, starting with allowing it 90% of emissions free
21 Aug 17, 7:39am
Ardern seeks to keep Shaw's bunch under her Green thumb, turns attention to the centre; English focuses on 'solid' policies of building roads and hospitals to attract deep-down Nats; TOP's Morgan continues Winston infatuation
11 Aug 17, 10:02am
Motu on a new robot language, the impact of iGen, immigration and job creation, BS detectors for science and inoculating against misinformation, depressing facts on climate change, and an obligatory reference to Jacinda Ardern
8 Aug 17, 12:56pm
Labour leader Ardern seeks to keep Greens' troubles at arm's length as Kennedy Graham and David Clendon withdraw from Greens' caucus; English seeks to heap pressure on the Left, but ends up putting more on himself
7 Aug 17, 11:05am
Brian Fallow argues climate policy cries out for political consensus but that remains elusive. Suggests the establishment of an independent, expert advisory body
31 Jul 17, 12:05pm
How longer term insurance policies could prevent mortgage defaults in the future


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