$/tonne at mill $/JAS m3 at wharf gate PULP at mill  
  Pruned  Structural  Structural  Export Export   Export      
  P40 S30 S20 K  K1    
  December-17   182 124 110 148 140 130


S = latest Scheduled as published
R = Per saleyard Report, sale average
D = Dead weight basis
L = Live weight basis
  Surcharge Notes:

Prices are 'as reported', the gross price offered to the seller. Levies, cartage, and other charges may well be deducted from these prices. CHECK THESE DETAILS BEFORE AGREEING TO ANY PRICE. Read our disclaimer. For information on Beef classification codes, go here >>>>
The dates listed in the above table are the sale dates for the saleyard data, and the date of the week commencing, for the schedule data. We endeavour to post fresh data as soon as it becomes available.