Standard savings accounts


Institution Credit Rating Account type Minimum deposit $ Interest rate %
ANZAA-Online savings $10.05
AA-Savings On Call$10.05
AA-Savings On Call$10,0000.05
AA-Savings On Call$25,0000.05
AA-Savings On Call$50,0000.08
AA-Savings On Call$100,0000.08
Bank of BarodaBBB-Savings $1,0001.25
BBB-Super savings $1,0001.25
Bank of IndiaBB+Star savings$1,0001.00
BB+Star super savings$1,0001.00
BNZAA-Personal OnCall$10.05
AA-Total Money$100,0000.05
Co-operative BankBBBOnline Account$10.25
BBBSmile On Call$100,0000.25
Heartland BankBBBHeartland Saver$10.50
BBBBusiness Call Accounts$11.25
BBBDirect Call$11.25
BBBHeartland Everyday$10.05
BBBHeartland Everyday$10,0000.10
BBBHeartland Everyday$50,0000.15
BBBHeartland Everyday$100,0000.20
BBBHeartland Everyday$250,0000.30
BBBYouChoose $01.25
BBBHeartland Savings Optimiser$10.75
AA-Smart Saver$00.65
ICBC ASavings$11.50
KiwibankANotice Saver 90 days$2,0002.10
ANotice Saver 32 days$2,0001.25
ABack-up Saver$10.05
ABill Blaster$1000.05
AFront Runner$4,0000.05
AFront Runner$15,0000.05
AFront Runner$50,0000.05
AFront Runner$100,0000.25
KookminAPersonal Cheque$100,0000.05
APersonal Cheque$250,0000.20
RaboDirectANoticeSaver 60 days$12.40
APremiumSaver - base$10.30
APremiumSaver - bonus$11.20
APremiumSaver - potential rate$11.50
SBS Bank.BBBi-Save$10.05
BBBProspector Call$10.05
BBBProspector Call$50,0000.05
BBBProspector Call$100,0000.25
TSB BankA-WebSaver$1,0000.40
A-Horizon Savings$10.40
A-Premier Cheque$10.10
A-Premier Cheque$20,0000.35
A-Premier Cheque$35,0000.55
A-Premier Cheque$50,0000.95
A-Premier Cheque$100,0001.15
WestpacAA-Notice Saver 32 days$11.25
AA-Simple Saver$10.05


Institution Credit Rating Account type Minimum deposit $ Interest rate %
ASB SecuritiesCash Management Trust$100,0000.00
Cash Management Trust$250,0000.00
Cash Management Trust$500,0000.25
Craigs Investment PartnersCash Management Trust$11.45
Cash Management Trust$20,0001.65
Cash Management Trust$100,0002.10
Cash Management Trust$250,0002.25
Direct BrokingOMCA$11.00
Forsyth BarrCash Management Trust$3,0000.00
Cash Management Trust$20,0000.25
Cash Management Trust$50,0000.50
Cash Management Trust$250,0000.75

Building Societies

Institution Credit Rating Account type Minimum deposit $ Interest rate %
HeretaungaOn Call$10.80
On Call$50,0001.10
On Call$100,0001.50

Credit Unions

Institution Credit Rating Account type Minimum deposit $ Interest rate %
Aotearoa Credit UnionBBSerious Saver$10.65
BBSerious Saver$5,0000.75
BBSerious Saver$20,0001.00
BBHome deposit account$10.50
BBHome deposit account$1,0001.75
BBHome deposit account$10,0002.00
First CUBBOnline savings$11.75
NZ Firefighters CUBill Pay Account$10.50
Christmas Club (Membership criteria apply)$12.00
NZCU AucklandSuccess Saver$11.50
Success Saver$5,0002.00
NZCU BaywideBBOnline Saver$1,0001.25
BBOnline Saver$20,0001.35
BBSuccess Saver$10.65
BBSuccess Saver$5,0000.75
BBSuccess Saver$20,0001.00
BBSuccess Saver$100,0001.35
BBGoal Saver$10.75
BBChristmas Saver$11.50
NZCU CentralBBMoney maker$10.65
BBMoney maker$5,0000.75
BBMoney maker$20,0001.00
BBCash Access Shares$21.00
NZCU EmployeesTarget Saver$11.00
Loan Provider$12.00
Christmas Club$13.00
NZCU SouthBBSuccess Saver$10.65
BBSuccess Saver$5,0000.75
BBSuccess Saver$20,0001.00
Police CUBBBAchiever Saver (Membership criteria apply)$10.45
BBBTransactional Account (Membership criteria apply)$2,0000.05
BBBChristmas Club (Membership criteria apply)$10.45

Crown Agencies

Institution Credit Rating Account type Minimum deposit $ Interest rate %

Finance Companies

Institution Credit Rating Account type Minimum deposit $ Interest rate %
Christian Savings BBCall$10.10

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