Online Savings accounts

E-saver Intro

We have updated our coverage of Saving accounts, separating them out by type. Unique pages now exist for the following savings account types:
- Bonus savings accounts - Business savings accounts - Children's accounts
- Online savings accounts - Standard savings accounts  

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Online e-saver

Institution Credit Rating Account type Minimum deposit $ Interest rate %
ANZAA-Online savings $13.00*
AA-Savings On Call$12.75
AA-Savings On Call$10,0003.15
AA-Savings On Call$25,0003.25
AA-Savings On Call$50,0003.35
AA-Savings On Call$100,0003.45
BNZAA-Personal OnCall$12.80
Co-operative BankBBB-Online account$13.40
HBS BankBBBi-Save$13.25
Heartland BankBBBDirect Call$14.50*
BBBHeartland Saver$13.75
KiwibankA+On-line call - base rate$2,0002.40
A+On-line call - bonus rate$2,0000.75
A+On-line call - potential rate$2,0003.15
A+Notice Saver 32 days$2,0003.80
A+Notice Saver 90 days$2,0004.35
A+PremiumSaver - base$11.00
A+PremiumSaver - bonus$13.30
A+PremiumSaver - potential rate$14.30
SBS Bank.BBBi-Save$13.25
TSB BankBBB+WebSaver$1,0003.50
WestpacAA-Online Saver$13.15
AA-Online Bonus Saver - base rate$10.10
AA-Online Bonus Saver - bonus rate$14.20
AA-Online Bonus Saver - potential rate $14.30

Building Societies

Institution Credit Rating Account type Minimum deposit $ Interest rate %

Credit Unions

Institution Credit Rating Account type Minimum deposit $ Interest rate %
First CUBBOnline Savings$14.00
NZCU BaywideBBOnline Saver$1,0003.80
BBOnline Saver$20,0003.80