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21 Jan 17, 4:20pm
Financial consulting firm compares what has happened to American leadership with strongman rulers in emerging economies. It sees opportunities, and higher uncertainties
21 Jan 17, 3:16pm
SBS Bank drops its one year home loan rate by -10 bps to a market-leading 4.19%, raises other 'special rates. Sovereign also raises rates
21 Jan 17, 9:08am
The value of all our houses has been growing by $2.7 billion a week, to surpass $1 trillion in the September quarter; Meanwhile the number of houses sold fell 20% in the quarter
20 Jan 17, 6:08pm
The first Roy Morgan political poll of 2017 has National up, along with the Government Confidence Rating, and Labour/Greens down
20 Jan 17, 3:59pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; another mortgage rate rises, another savings account cut, S&P likes NZ, McClay working in Davos, swaps steepen, NZD rises
20 Jan 17, 1:43pm
Central bank breaks with a 22-year tradition by keeping the Governor's first speech of the year behind closed doors
20 Jan 17, 11:27am
Gareth Morgan's Opportunities Party says we must protect and enhance our natural environment both because we love it, and because it makes good business sense 
20 Jan 17, 10:21am
Gareth Vaughan on combating & lampooning Trump, Wettergate & the liberal legion, China & Trump, the Trump News Network, UK landlords swapping houses for shops & more
20 Jan 17, 8:44am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Friday, January 20, 2017
20 Jan 17, 8:22am
Yellen speech and higher US inflation underpin market expectations of 2017 Fed hikes. Local rates jump, and further rises expected today
20 Jan 17, 8:05am
NZD currently at 0.7160 after trading in a range of 0.7120 - 0.7200; USD strengthens on Yellen's speech and positive data releases; Yen worst performer as YST 10yr yields increase from 2.32 to 2.50 over the last 48hrs
20 Jan 17, 7:38am
US housing starts jump; US inflation over 2%; Canada factories buzzing; ECB sees no inflation; Aussie consumers spending large; UST 10yr yield at 2.48%; oil and gold down; NZ$1 = 71.6 US¢, TWI-5 = 77.5
19 Jan 17, 5:34pm
We look at how mortgage pricing compares with what Aussies pay for the same sort of loans. We find that 'advantages' we noted 18 months ago have disappeared as banks 'protect margins'
19 Jan 17, 4:51pm
Allan Barber reviews Silver Fern Farms latest financial results. He puts his microscope on the company's optimistic outlook
19 Jan 17, 3:59pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; ANZ hikes rates, factories & consumers happy, building consents jump, Govt bond yields rise, swaps rise & steepen, NZD stays high
19 Jan 17, 2:15pm
NZ Govt Bond Tender #592; average weighted accepted yield 3.13% (previously 2.88%) reflects rise in yields globally; coverage ratio drops significantly with low average bid size
19 Jan 17, 1:25pm
Elizabeth Kerr tried the sensible, frugal and weird savings tips that you sent her a year ago and owns up to how they worked out for her
19 Jan 17, 11:58am
Matthew Paetz, Auckland planning manager of The Property Group, calls for a US-style solution to Auckland's housing woes
19 Jan 17, 11:25am
Big increase in new dwelling consents issued in Auckland in November
19 Jan 17, 10:24am
ANZ changes rates for investors, decreasing some, and raising others but by a much smaller change than for borrowers. However ANZ remains remains very competitive compared with its main rivals
19 Jan 17, 9:38am
18 Jan 17, 3:59pm
18 Jan 17, 11:45am
18 Jan 17, 8:26am
18 Jan 17, 8:20am
18 Jan 17, 7:48am
17 Jan 17, 3:59pm
17 Jan 17, 11:51am
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Business confidence - Activity outlook

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The ANZ monthly business confidence series includes this important component - Activity Outlook. While the Business Confidence series records the results of a question about what responders think about how the economy will perform in the immediate future, this "own activity" question records the responders view on how their own firm will do in the immediate future.

Actually, over time, this series shows that most responders are more positive about their own future, than that of 'everyone else'.

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