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22 Feb 17, 8:35am
NZDUSD currently sits around 0.7160 but if 0.7150 breaks look for a test of 0.7100; AUD struggling to stay above the 0.77 level despite strong economic news; Greek debt and political risk remains a focus in the EU
20 Feb 17, 7:32pm
Climate change could threaten the stability of the entire financial system, an Aussie banking regulator warns, as it prepares to apply climate change "stress tests" to the nation's financial institutions
19 Feb 17, 10:34am
Tony Karon says journalists should not fear being on the wrong side of power. On the contrary, that is exactly where they belong
18 Feb 17, 9:30am
Vanguard's Dan Newhall makes the case that with the right criteria, investors in actively managed funds can achieve higher returns than market benchmarks
18 Feb 17, 7:31am
Alan Greenspan reveals his deep concerns about economic prospects in the developed world, his view on gold’s important role in the monetary system
17 Feb 17, 10:44am
Justin Soong on where the world would be without migration, comparing Muldoon to Trump, the 'implosion' of the left, whether our education system is ready for auto bots & more
14 Feb 17, 4:44pm
NZD drifts lower on dovish RBNZ and USD and AUD strength; USD outperforms on Trump's promised tax package and meetings with global leaders; AUDUSD encounters strong resistance at the 0.7700 level, unable to extend gains despite 6.5% rise in iron ore price
13 Feb 17, 11:49am
A view from Vietnam: How the Southeast Asian nation is overcoming the roadblocks to become a high income economy
10 Feb 17, 9:59am
Motu researchers on the political benefits of destruction, Bill's datatopia, why meddling governments make you happy, the productivity gap, the Fed and fiscal policy, scaling the depths of bad puns and more
10 Feb 17, 9:32am
Minxin Pei shows that while China may be relieved at the waning challenge from the West's concepts of a liberal democracy, they fear the new trade and globalisation challenges, and are very anxious about the security risks
8 Feb 17, 9:15am
Rabobank says 2017 will be a period of considerable change and uncertainty for New Zealand agriculture. Developments likely to have significant impact on the sector’s prospects for years to come
8 Feb 17, 8:33am
Lower than expected wage growth reduced rate rise expectations in the US; EUR down on political instability as anti-establishment parties gain traction; JPY and gold up, in a risk-off environment
6 Feb 17, 8:19pm
As technology continues to upend established business models, Clayton Coplestone questions how index investors will fare during the era of disruption
5 Feb 17, 7:45am
Amy Duncan on getting the most from our ageing workforce, why we won't lose our jobs to robots anytime soon, the workplace collaboration vs competition debate and more
4 Feb 17, 8:56am
John Ballingall shows that the new US President fails to understand basic economics and that it will be many of his core supporters who pay the cost of such an elementary policy mistake
2 Feb 17, 7:38am
Simon Papa bemoans the apparent absence of a true strategic approach at government level to FinTech and the financial services sector more broadly
1 Feb 17, 5:22am
A large international fund manager assesses the early signals from the new American administration and suggests how large investors are reading the changes
31 Jan 17, 5:05pm
NZD trading at 0.7280 USD and 0.9630 AUD after disappointing AU data; US markets look towards FOMC meeting and Non-farm payrolls; Asian markets subdued as nations celebrate Chinese New Year holiday
31 Jan 17, 8:32am
NZ swap rates slightly lower across the curve; Greek 10yr yields up 39bps; US 10yr yields unchanged after trading in a tight range
31 Jan 17, 8:25am
NZD trading at 0.7290 USD and testing the 0.9650 mark against the AUD; USD DXY index changed little from yesterday after trading in a 1% range; equity markets down across US and EU
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