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1 Jul 16, 10:02am
CMC Markets NZ general manager Chris Smith on George Soros's views of Brexit, bond market blues, peace breaks out in the oil market, China and the new global monetary order, & more
30 Jun 16, 11:36am
EY points out that double tax agreements with 43 countries mean NZ can't impose new property taxes on their nationals unless we apply them to New Zealanders as well
29 Jun 16, 12:18pm
George Friedman argues the European Union, not Britain, is the weaker player after the Brexit vote
29 Jun 16, 10:18am
Andrew Cornell says the worst case Brexit knock-on effect for the global economy and banking industry would be a large-scale retraction of globalisation and a retreat into simplistic nationalism
28 Jun 16, 12:24pm
Michael Field reports on what is happening on the 'Kermadec fence' where high tech operations by Chinese boats are taking vast numbers of fish in our backyard
28 Jun 16, 5:05am
Ewen McCann suggests a plan of action for policymakers if house prices fall and that triggers bank failures. He sees a place for a lottery
27 Jun 16, 9:16am
Optimism returning to rural sector, led by horticulture. Sheep, beef and even dairy farmers report improved sentiment
26 Jun 16, 10:31pm
'Urgent need' to rebalance policy with the aim of preventing costly financial boom-bust cycles, the Bank for International Settlements argues. Wants bias towards debt accumulation removed
25 Jun 16, 1:08pm
Ewen McCann looks at rising house prices as a symptom of deeper policy issues, which we must deal with first if we are to tame the rising distortions
25 Jun 16, 11:18am
Chris Patten says the Brexit vote outcome recalls one of Churchill’s more famous aphorisms: 'The trouble with committing political suicide is that you live to regret it'
24 Jun 16, 5:21pm
Westpac chief economist Dominick Stephens ponders what Brexit might mean for NZ, now sees August OCR cut as much more likely
23 Jun 16, 11:02am
EY's Tori Sullivan argues introducing the modern equivalents of a town crier and the stocks so the public can throw rotten fruit at some corporate taxpayers isn't the way to improve our tax system
23 Jun 16, 9:02am
Koichi Hamada likens government borrowing, especially for QE, to a ponzi scheme, something only illegal in the private sector
23 Jun 16, 5:00am
Andrew Cornell says to combat cybercrime market operators and regulators must behave more like the criminals by constantly evolving, testing and probing and constantly revisiting protocols
22 Jun 16, 4:29pm
Zhang Jun says there is plenty of reason to doubt China's investment numbers, the accuracy of which should be as hotly debated as their GDP data
20 Jun 16, 9:22am
NZ Initiative's Martine Udahemuka says the key for parents is to be able to find out which school and teacher will be the most effective for their child
18 Jun 16, 9:05am
HSBC's Frederic Neumann sees future economic growth coming from countries that have low private debt levels as these juice up their prospects by leveraging up
18 Jun 16, 8:20am
Optimising its resource allocation is far from all that China must do to boost prosperity. It is time to focus on workers and elevating the experience of their labour, says Edmund Phelps
17 Jun 16, 9:58am
Selena Eaqub on Auckland houses, the slowing emerging markets miracle, the expanding rich, universal basic income, inequality, Brexit, robots and education
15 Jun 16, 10:40am
Kerry McDonald analyses the many challenges the country faces and concludes we need effective leadership and recognition that good policy, in a sound strategic framework, is critical
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