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29 Mar 17, 11:37am
Rabobank says as China's consumer incomes move up, they will trade up to value-added products and be willing to pay more for food they consider to be natural, high-quality, and safe. But NZ's rivals will be there too
28 Mar 17, 4:32pm
NZD consolidated against the USD and outperformed the AUD over the last week, this trend looks to continue in the coming week; USD softens as markets question Trump's ability to deliver promised tax cuts
25 Mar 17, 9:01am
Mark Keating suggests the Government sells the right to a share in New Zealand Inc to potential migrants at a price reflecting the country's underlying value
25 Mar 17, 8:35am
David Hall calls for an intergenerational conversation about fairness - it would be hard 'but even trying would be a good start'
25 Mar 17, 8:32am
ANZ economist Con Williams argues forestry's long-term prospects depend on how the international carbon market develops
24 Mar 17, 10:25am
Wine and other horticulture exports are growing strongly, building to impressive levels. Not only are volumes rising, but we are achieving price premiums that stand out
24 Mar 17, 10:02am
Tom Coupé with 10 examples of business experiments, including dating without pictures, women who make you want to spend, Googling up smaller snacks, Bill Gates & chickens, moving from Tonga to NZ causes stress & more
23 Mar 17, 4:08pm
Farmers start year on positive note, fueled by renewed optimism in horticulture, beef & sheep sectors, Rabobank survey shows
23 Mar 17, 11:46am
Although demand remains strong for NZ logs and prices are getting a boost from a lower currency, rising freight rates may have an outsized impact in coming months
23 Mar 17, 9:08am
Lee Jong-Wha thinks China has as much to lose as South Korea if they use trade as pressure to solve a secondary problem. The primary problem needs their attention
21 Mar 17, 4:38pm
NZDUSD spiked to 0.7072 Monday night but was unable to hold, currently trading at 0.7058; Wednesday's GDT prices are expected to be lower as futures prices are down 5%; AUD has rallied over 0.7700 USD, supported by stronger commodity prices
21 Mar 17, 9:04am
Xi Jinping is defending globalisation and "inclusive, sustainable development". But can China really provide the leadership and solutions needed?
16 Mar 17, 10:13am
Zhang Jun expects the US will be economically tougher on China, potentially triggering a trade war. But he says the new American portrayal of China is both inaccurate and illogical
14 Mar 17, 4:05pm
NZDUSD has held on the 0.6910 level this week but remains at risk to weak local data and a Fed statement that is more aggressive than expected; NZD continues to struggle against the AUD, as the latter is supported by firm commodity prices
10 Mar 17, 9:59am
Selena Eaqub on the dipping dollar, trade wars, booming stockmarkets, child poverty, Britain's Brexit deals, policy lessons, the not-so-sharing economy and more
8 Mar 17, 11:28am
Chapman Tripp partners see the Mark Warminger decision on market manipulation as providing useful clarification of a difficult law
7 Mar 17, 3:52pm
New Zealand fundamentals remain strong but rising US rates likely to put NZD under pressure; AUD too under pressure from USD despite strong commodity prices; USD payroll data on Friday likely to be pivotal for both NZD and AUD
7 Mar 17, 10:26am
Yu-Ming Wang of Nikko Asset Management says the real trade war is for IP, innovation, and talent, and is being fought on the turf that is Asia’s burgeoning class of middle income consumers
7 Mar 17, 10:00am
Higher than expected tax revenue and lower than forecast core expenses push govt's 7-month surplus to $1.145 bln, well above expectations
6 Mar 17, 9:57am
The NZ Initiative's Rachel Hodder invites people blaming immigrants for clogging up roads and hospitals to consider a levy on new migrants
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