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25 May 16, 10:24am
Cam Preston argues insurers are running out of steam in the Canterbury rebuild/repair marathon, with AMI set to be the largest taxpayer bailout in NZ history
23 May 16, 2:21pm
Coral Phillips reviews the changes to the IRD 2016 livestock values and assesses the implications for farmers
23 May 16, 10:31am
Seamus Donegan asks if the litigious approach to Canterbury earthquakes would really get the best outcomes
21 May 16, 7:02am
David Lupton says we need appropriate charges for infrastructure and services so the choices people make do not impose financial burdens on others
20 May 16, 10:04am
Alex Johnston on how Auckland's housing crisis is creating 'angry birds', apartments and housing affordability, 'Big Oil' the new 'Big Tobacco' and ANZ's investment in fossil fuels
18 May 16, 2:18pm
Simon Bennett of blue-collar recruiter AWF says NZ almost entirely lacks consistent and efficient pathways for school-leavers, the unemployed and the low-skilled to train on-the-job and gain the necessary basic skills to be able to adapt to survive
18 May 16, 12:52pm
Lee Jong-Wha has strong doubts that central banks can ensure sustained global growth using 'unconventional' policies. He calls for a return to the 'conventional' to restore central bank credibility
17 May 16, 11:27am
Susan St John says altering NZ Super to a basic income could save 10% of the net cost from the upper end of the distribution while leaving the majority of superannuitants little affected
17 May 16, 9:51am
Brad Olsen call for student loan repayments to start only after study is completed, and then at a higher rate. These changes would make it easier for students to survive without affecting the loan repayment flow
16 May 16, 2:26pm
Rory Noorland shows how the brightline test will challenge rural land sales in ways that may be unexpected
16 May 16, 10:27am
Bell Gully says court ruling means lenders ought to assess which of their costs are closely connected to the activities they charge fees for
13 May 16, 10:24am
Xero's Lena Hesselgrave on the future of Bitcoin post Panama Papers, concerns around housing consents issued in Auckland, the spectrum of crazy in the US election, how to hike productivity, why smartphone growth is dwindling & more
13 May 16, 9:34am
David Andolfatto explains that blockchain tech works using a similar localised trust network humans have built and used ever since families communicated - which explains its power and potential
13 May 16, 8:25am
Construction industry lacks star performers who can drag standards higher. Best performers are younger or start-up firms, based in Auckland
12 May 16, 9:54am
Rental properties are now classified as workplaces putting new responsibilities on landlords when undertaking repairs and maintenance
12 May 16, 5:03am
ANZ's Christian Venter details nine reasons why banks aren’t using blockchain
11 May 16, 1:31pm
Ma Jian says Chinese President Xi is on a quest for absolute power following Mao's model, but he doubts it will turn out well for him because of 'his incompetent economic rule'
6 May 16, 11:49am
Fonterra forecasts $3.55, or 63%, increase in organic milk price for 2016/17 season to $9.20 per kg/MS
6 May 16, 10:09am
First Union's Morgan Godfery on Trumps breaking out everywhere; the pain of incentives; wanting it both ways with houses; an enranged house hunter writes; trouble with trade; Dilbert & more
5 May 16, 3:27pm
EY's Rebecca Sellers and Ken Wallace outline the risks and requirements NZ companies with European customers face under the EU's new stringent data privacy regime
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