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11 Feb 16, 9:28am
Rabobank suggests that it will only be the dairy sector facing a very difficult year in 2016, with variable prospects for other farmers
11 Feb 16, 9:08am
Zhang Jun defends China's central bank against accusations that it lacks transparency
9 Feb 16, 4:02pm
The specter of harsh accusations and harsher punishment is stalking China’s political, intellectual, and business elites, even affecting the inner sanctum of the Chinese Communist Party
6 Feb 16, 12:02pm
Chris Green responds to the RBNZ's criticism of 'some commentators advocating mechanistic rate cuts'; says RBNZ seeing inflationary ghosts and has systematic upward bias; ignoring rise in real interest rates and tightening relative to other central banks
4 Feb 16, 5:03am
George Friedman sees banking problems that need to be solved in Europe & Asia with the fear of loss of deposits 'stalking countries'
1 Feb 16, 11:57am
Chartered Accountants research shows "massive under reporting" of business corruption
1 Feb 16, 10:38am
Synlait follows Open Country, Westland and Fonterra by advising a revised and sharply lower forecast milk payout for the current season
1 Feb 16, 9:32am
The NZ Initiative's Jenesa Jeram critiques Oxfam’s claims about global wealth inequality, arguing they're misleading with its claims about the economic system 'even more insidious'
29 Jan 16, 5:19am
The Chinese Year of the Monkey will not favour all New Zealand regions equally. David Kennedy sets out who will gain and who will miss out
28 Jan 16, 9:47am
Yu Yongding proposes an alternative to the PBoC's costly strategy of propping up their exchange rate
26 Jan 16, 4:42pm
Westland lowers pay-out indication as global dairy prices predicted to remain low, chops 75c/kgMS off previous estimate
25 Jan 16, 3:33pm
Cameron Preston questions why the Government's increased its pot of 'petty cash' 10-fold in the last 7 years, spending more in the name of 'unexpected circumstances'
25 Jan 16, 2:10pm
Westland Milk's man-on-the-ground in China says the anxiety over China has been exaggerated - especially as it relates to their dairy appetite
25 Jan 16, 9:24am
NZ Initiative's Martine Udahemuka asks how teacher performance incentives can be better structured in order to drive student outcomes
23 Jan 16, 3:09pm
The Reserve Bank explains what was behind its decision to seek reimbursement for costs associated with an OIA request from a journalist
22 Jan 16, 8:58pm
Pollsters Roy Morgan says the Labour/Greens opposition eat into National's lead in New Year. But also claim the TPP signing ceremony set for Auckland in two weeks is a coup for PM John Key
22 Jan 16, 10:16am
Shamubeel Eaqub on whether gold is really a defensive asset, 2008 reprised, economic forecasting, oil, inflation, China's GDP, Davos & more
21 Jan 16, 9:21am
John Brosnan explains why intensifying workplace laws means there are no longer any 'family farms' and they can't be an extension of a backyard playground
21 Jan 16, 5:02am
Alan Shields on why 18 to 34 year-olds & digital engagement are so important to banks
19 Jan 16, 5:02am
Harbour Asset Management's Andrew Bascand says don't over estimate systemic risks to the Australian banking system from falling commodity prices & Chinese equity market volatility
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