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23 May 17, 6:17pm
NZD back above 0.7000 USD and 0.9300 AUD; US markets have calmed after Trump's tour to Saudi Arabia; AUD began the week on a more positive note holding over 0.7400 USD
23 May 17, 8:38am
Kensington Swan assesses the latest OIO update on what constitutes sensitive land and the requirements for overseas investment applications
20 May 17, 2:14pm
Ex-Labour PM Mike Moore tells RNZ he hopes to live long enough to see another Labour govt, but worries the party's 'not seen to be on the side of those who are strivers'
20 May 17, 9:44am
The OECD makes the case for more free, fair and open trade between nations in a time when public scepticism in some countries has grown
18 May 17, 1:55pm
Joshua Brown pushes back against calls to abolish NZ's Financial Service Providers Register and warns against NZ losing its position as 'one of the best countries for enterprising individuals'
16 May 17, 5:38pm
Supportive fundamentals are countered by RBNZ's neutral policy, which limits upside potential of the NZD; AUD back above the 0.7400 USD level, however overall tone remains negative; US data releases mixed but overall positive trend in economy expected
16 May 17, 11:15am
The general secretary of the India Trade Alliance on how demonetisation is culling black money and creating a better environment for kiwi businesses
14 May 17, 10:48am
NZIER calls for a consolidation of DHBs into larger units because the evidence shows that will free up resources for more services
14 May 17, 7:57am
Jim Bolger, PM in the 1990s, reflects on the 'failure' of neo-liberalism, inequality and race relations in the third part of RNZ's 9th Floor series
11 May 17, 11:26am
Rebecca Sellers says conduct by insurers is effectively unregulated and the IMF is calling for some protection for consumers, at least up to Australian levels
9 May 17, 7:18pm
NZDUSD currently trading at 0.6903, a move towards 0.7000 possible; AUD under pressure as Chinese data and iron ore prices take effect; primary support for USD are Fed decisions as Trump policies look increasingly diluted
7 May 17, 6:02am
Jenny Shipley talks to RNZ's Guyon Espiner about middle class welfare, working with Winston Peters, and the influences, conflicts and complexities of being Prime Minister
6 May 17, 6:02am
Victoria University's Lisa Marriott on quashing society's double standards that see benefit fraudsters and tax evaders treated differently
5 May 17, 10:19am
Helen Clark talks to RNZ's Guyon Espiner about her nine years as PM as her govt moved to draw a line under Rogernomics, unleash new social reforms and rethink NZ's place in the world
2 May 17, 4:47pm
NZDUSD lost almost 200 points last week and is now trading at 0.6918; with the French elections this weekend, expect choppy European markets this week; soft US data releases lately indicate that the health of the economy may have been overstated
1 May 17, 10:28am
How US Republicans want to make life easier for US overseas tax cheaters. Rand Paul leads an effort to help the very wealthy hide money offshore
29 Apr 17, 11:45am
Richard Kozul-Wright and Daniel Poon see promise for other countries – and for the US – in China's  policymakers "guidance" approach
29 Apr 17, 9:26am
Is betraying partners the new way to succeed in international relations? Koichi Hamada uses game theory to show how this may work for the US administration's foreign policy and where it falters
27 Apr 17, 11:54am
Patrick Watson asks whether the internet, whose transparency was supposed to empower consumers, is doing the opposite
27 Apr 17, 10:46am
To get the best local benefits, Infometrics says councils and those involved in the education sector should cater programs to international students to maximise the impact they have on their regional economy
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