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1 Dec 16, 1:34pm
Trump’s victory in the US presidential election has shaken the world. But China has remained largely unmoved, despite having been one of the president-elect's favourite targets on the campaign trail
30 Nov 16, 5:25pm
Michael Field takes a look at the new offering from a key player involved in the famous saga of a NZ company that was at the centre of a North Korean arms smuggling operation
30 Nov 16, 1:47pm
Nelson Siva of Solution Dynamics says Brexit is offering New Zealand companies a chance to take advantage of our low-cost business models
27 Nov 16, 6:20pm
Westpac's economists says the Kiwi dollar will stand above the crowd for a while yet, but in the end it will start edging lower
25 Nov 16, 9:58am
Westpac's economists assess how things are likely to play out with inflation and the interest rate markets to drive RBNZ monetary policy
24 Nov 16, 9:41am
Westpac's economists see a mixed bag for the rural sector as dairy prices improve but caution remains, construction boom helps forestry & meat sector faces challenges
23 Nov 16, 11:29am
Patrick Watson of Mauldin Economics explains how the Indian Government's 'Demonetization' turned into a mess
23 Nov 16, 10:01am
Westpac's economists paint a picture of a world that is growing only modestly, though economic conditions in the US have continued to strengthen; election of Trump has heightened uncertainty, particularly his protectionist views in relation to China
22 Nov 16, 3:05pm
Westpac's economists adopt a rosier outlook for the local economy, seeing an extended period of good economic conditions
22 Nov 16, 12:03pm
Rory Noorland points out the intricate and specific rules the IRD applies to the deductibility of gifts
22 Nov 16, 11:24am
Lee Jong-Wha says Asia must face up to its major political, economic, and security challenges if it is to match the advantages the United States and Europe currently have. Co-operation is the solution
21 Nov 16, 1:09pm
David Scobie, senior consultant at Mercer, reflects on the risk and return outcomes experienced by KiwiSaver members since inception
19 Nov 16, 5:02am
The NZ Initiative's Randall Bess looks at what New Zealand can learn from the Gulf of Mexico's red snapper fishery
18 Nov 16, 5:06pm
USB stick inventor tells Kiwi mums to encourage their kids to be entrepreneurs and build start-ups, rather than becoming lawyers and accountants; suggests following Israel's example on tech investing subsidies
16 Nov 16, 11:18am
Patrick Watson of Mauldin Economics argues Trump can't start a trade war as one is already well underway in cyberspace
15 Nov 16, 5:02am
Motu research finds that the Queen City attracts the brightest talent allowing it to out-perform most smaller centres in both labour productivity and multi-factor productivity
14 Nov 16, 9:00am
Auckland University's Michael Rehm says a burst of housing supply won't bring down house prices, but debt-to-income ratios will and are a policy option that will make Auckland houses affordable again
12 Nov 16, 10:00am
Joseph S. Nye says three main issues will dominate the new US president-elect's foreign-policy agenda
12 Nov 16, 9:00am
Fathom Consulting reminds us that weird things can happen in short sequences fairly regularly. It's normal. Are we suffering from seeing patterns that aren't really there?
11 Nov 16, 11:06am
Simpson Grierson's Bill Loutit outlines when you should seek a resource consent and what's involved in getting it
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