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27 Jun 17, 4:22pm
NZD has performed well against the USD and AUD and currently trades at 0.7293 and 0.9596 respectively; USD supported by Fed policy to normalise interest rates despite soft data; commodity prices expected remain choppy
27 Jun 17, 8:29am
Unusual confluence of an upbeat rural outlook across all sectors finds farmers positive about both their own prospects and those of their industry. Investment intentions rise
26 Jun 17, 7:03am
Jaime Caruana makes the case for globalisation, saying we should embrace it to make sure it continues to lift economic growth and living standards around the world for generations to come
23 Jun 17, 12:06pm
NZIER's Derek Gill argues poverty is the problem in New Zealand, not income inequality, and this limits social mobility
23 Jun 17, 12:02pm
Benn Steil and Emma Smith explore the main causes behind the rapid decline of the Chinese currency's global standing
23 Jun 17, 8:44am
Fonterra's Jeremy Hill points out that if the world's dairy producers were as emissions-efficient as New Zealand, the global carbon footprint from dairy would be more than halved
23 Jun 17, 5:02am
Patrick Watson suggests US Federal Reserve boffins should study algebra and looks at the possibilities of algorithmic central banking
21 Jun 17, 8:08am
Jason Wargent sees crop farming going vertical and joining the urban landscape. A flood of innovation is about to be unleashed
20 Jun 17, 3:16pm
NZD expected to hold the 0.7170 - 0.7250 USD range ahead of RBNZ's OCR announcement on Thursday; big 4 Australian banks see credit downgrade, but AUD bounced back from the news on the back of an iron ore price rally
19 Jun 17, 5:06pm
Both domestic and export markets report steady to strong demand. Prices just shy of all-time record. China shows stability and balance, and India recovering as predicted
17 Jun 17, 10:52am
Brian Easton analyses house prices relative to consumer prices over a long period. He says what makes recent house price changes so extraordinary is their occurrence during a time of general low inflation
17 Jun 17, 10:02am
Nirmal Nair gazes into a crystal ball and predicts mega trends for 2037. He sees electric cars, cyber-crime, a better work-life balance, crypto-currencies & more
17 Jun 17, 8:19am
Steve Maharey says the time is right to make 'food' our purpose with an industry prepared for permanent innovation operating an economic model of 'flexible specialisation'
16 Jun 17, 10:32am
The Spinoff's Simon Wilson makes some suggestions on how to free Auckland's roads and free the city from transport gridlock
13 Jun 17, 3:51pm
Market expects a 0.25% rate hike this week, but there is uncertainty around the number of hikes planned for the remainder of the year; NZD to hold 0.7200 USD level until FOMC announcement; GBP under pressure after election
13 Jun 17, 9:43am
Nick Kim and Matthew Taylor argue that we are the limit of tolerable cadmium contamination and continuing will compound problems quickly - and the use if zinc may not be a real solution, possibly accentuating further issues
9 Jun 17, 10:02am
Motu on Budget winners and losers, getting the 50s out of economics, poverty as a disease, the new Silk Road, smiling as a proxy for diversity, and the problem with ‘and’
6 Jun 17, 3:47pm
NZD now above 0.7100 USD and continues to outperform AUD; UK election, ECB meeting and Comey testimony key events for the week; Fed expected to increase rates despite weak economic data
5 Jun 17, 7:14am
Brian Easton suggests that rather than being obsessed with the public debt track, we need to pay more attention to the private debt track especially when it involves overseas borrowing
5 Jun 17, 7:12am
Robbie Nichol, a White Man Behind a Desk and certainly not an economist, takes a look at our tax system
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