Climate change

11 Aug 17, 10:02am
Motu on a new robot language, the impact of iGen, immigration and job creation, BS detectors for science and inoculating against misinformation, depressing facts on climate change, and an obligatory reference to Jacinda Ardern
8 Aug 17, 12:56pm
Labour leader Ardern seeks to keep Greens' troubles at arm's length as Kennedy Graham and David Clendon withdraw from Greens' caucus; English seeks to heap pressure on the Left, but ends up putting more on himself
7 Aug 17, 11:05am
Brian Fallow argues climate policy cries out for political consensus but that remains elusive. Suggests the establishment of an independent, expert advisory body
31 Jul 17, 12:05pm
How longer term insurance policies could prevent mortgage defaults in the future
30 Jul 17, 8:08am
The government's 40% export goal, climate change, clean rivers and a case of augmented reality; With the goggles on, things look fine. But AgResearch reveals the cold, hard reality in our agriculture emissions efforts
29 Jul 17, 7:38am
This election and the next more than ever are screaming out for an environmental party to hold the balance of power, Alex Tarrant says; The Greens need to split or grow up and focus only on environmental issues
27 Jul 17, 2:30pm
NZ needs to take next step in climate change fight and put targets into law, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment says
27 Jul 17, 12:43pm
World Bank offshoot International Finance Corporation seeking at least NZ$100 mln through first green bond in NZ Kauri market
27 Jul 17, 5:02am
NZ's climate change goals face a problem, with many eggs in the basket of waiting for agreement on an international carbon market, which has no guarantee of happening; 2030 may be closer than we think
23 Jun 17, 8:44am
Fonterra's Jeremy Hill points out that if the world's dairy producers were as emissions-efficient as New Zealand, the global carbon footprint from dairy would be more than halved
9 Jun 17, 10:02am
Motu on Budget winners and losers, getting the 50s out of economics, poverty as a disease, the new Silk Road, smiling as a proxy for diversity, and the problem with ‘and’
6 Jun 17, 4:22pm
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson defends President Trump's move to pull US from Paris Climate Accord, says decision was in best interests of American people
31 May 17, 5:02am
Paul Young says higher carbon prices can make our tax system fairer and more progressive, while tackling the urgent crisis of climate change
27 May 17, 9:47am
Election 2017 - Party Policies - Environment - Climate Change
27 May 17, 9:47am
Election 2017 - Party Policies - Environment - Carbon Tax
27 May 17, 9:47am
Election 2017 - Party Policies - Environment - Emissions Trading Scheme
19 Apr 17, 12:00pm
Brian Fallow is encouraged by the collegiality on display in Parliament over climate change, but notes the cow in the room remains agriculture
19 Apr 17, 8:44am
Allan Barber reviews a cross-party review of how to achieve climate targets, one that will entail a difficult transition for rural economies
26 Mar 17, 6:02am
Warnings on New Zealand's environmental performance this week mean the intergenerational debate just got real in an election year, Alex Tarrant says
24 Mar 17, 9:31am
Vic Uni Professor Jonathan Boston rallies against intergenerational equity bias that favours short-term political thinking; Outlines NZ successes, failures and why income inequality desperately needs to be tackled


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