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Personal loan

Personal Loan Intro

Printer-friendly version                 This page includes coverage of Debt Consolidation loans.


Institution Product Plan Notes Interest rate %
ANZPersonal LoanUnsecuredunder $10,000 18.95*
Personal LoanUnsecured$10,000 & over 17.95*
ASBPersonal LoanSecured12.95
Personal LoanUnsecured17.95
Debt ConsolidationUnsecured15.95
BankDirectDebt ConsolidationUnsecured15.95
Personal LoanSecured12.95
Personal LoanUnsecured17.95
Advanced bef 15 May 2014Unsecured18.20
Advanced after 16 May 2014Unsecured17.85
Campus Pack AdvancedUnsecured12.20
Graduate Pack AdvancedUnsecured12.20
Co-operative BankPersonal LoanSecuredfrom10.50*
Personal LoanUnsecuredfrom14.50
KiwibankPersonal LoanUnsecuredfrom14.99
Personal Loan - Graduate packUnsecuredfrom13.10
Home Loan CustomersUnsecuredfrom11.95
SBS Bank.Personal loanSecured13.85
TSB BankFurther advancesSecuredfrom8.24
Overdraft facilitiesSecuredfrom12.34
Personal loanSecuredfrom11.79
WestpacPersonal LoanUnsecuredfrom13.95
Graduate LoanUnsecuredno more than14.00


Building Societies

Institution Product Plan Notes Interest rate %
NelsonPersonal LoanSecured16.00

Credit Unions

Institution Product Plan Notes Interest rate %
First CUPersonal LoanSecuredFrom11.99
NZCU AucklandPersonal LoanSecured12.00
NZCU BaywidePersonal LoanSecuredfrom13.95
Personal LoanSecuredpremium rate from9.90
NZCU CentralPersonal LoanSecured15.00
Personal LoanUnsecured22.00
NZCU SouthPersonal LoanSecuredFrom13.95
Personal LoanUnsecuredFrom13.95
Police CUPersonal LoanSecured9.95
Personal LoanSecured80%, max $20K10.70
Personal LoanSecured40% - 60%, max $10K12.95
Personal LoanSecuredBlue Credit12.50
Personal LoanUnsecuredmax $5K17.00
United CUPersonal LoanUnsecured$500 13.00*
Personal LoanUnsecured$10,000 15.00
Personal LoanSavings Secured9.00
Personal LoanMotor Vehicle Secured11.00

Finance Companies

Institution Product Plan Notes Interest rate %
ActivaHealth Management AccountSecured15.95
Basecorp FinancePersonal LoanSecured16.00
Consumer FinancePersonal LoanSecured19.70
Diners ClubPersonal LoanUnsecured17.80
Dorchester GroupPersonal Loan Secured$1,00018.00
Personal Loan Secured$5,000 16.00
Personal Loan Secured$10,000 13.95
FAI MoneyPersonal Loan Secured15.95
Finance DirectPersonal Loan SecuredLess $20,00011.95
Personal Loan SecuredMore $20,0009.95
Finance Now Personal LoanSecured$100013.95
FinancepointPersonal LoanSecured13.95
Personal LoanUnsecured15.95
Personal LoanDebt Consolidation14.95
Financial Holdings Personal LoanSecured$5,000 12.95
Personal LoanUnsecured$5,000 24.95
Future FinancePersonal LoanSecuredfrom16.25
GE Money Personal LoanStandard$3,000, from14.99
Personal LoanStandard$18,000, from14.99
Personal LoanStandard$25,000, from14.99
Gilrose FinanceCredit ContractsSecured$2,00014.50*
Credit ContractsSecured$20,00012.50
Mutual Credit FinancePersonal LoanSecured$300013.95
Nova Medical FinancePersonal loanUnsecured13.50
NZ LoanPersonal LoanDebt ConsolidationFrom13.50
Personal LoanSecuredFrom13.50
Personal LoanUnsecuredFrom16.00
Paraloanfor people with physical disabilitiesSecuredFrom6.60
Prometheus FinancePersonal loanSecured$2,00013.95