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Does money make money? Opinion
24 Oct 14, 10:01am
Geoff Simmons 23
Geoff Simmons thinks the Thomas Piketty inequality analysis suffers from being very Western Europe oriented, whereas the global picture shows a different and better picture. Your view?
2nd ANZ strike underway, more to come Updated News
24 Oct 14, 2:23pm
Gareth Vaughan 3
First Union affiliated ANZ staff striking again as industrial relations dispute ramps up
Record trade deficit News
24 Oct 14, 11:26am
David Chaston 3
A spike in aircraft imports comes as exports fall and we splurge on new and used cars
The Healy index Business
24 Oct 14, 7:10am
Gareth Vaughan 4
BNZ CEO Anthony Healy says where New Zealand's at can be judged by five numbers
BNZ cuts its 3yr home loan rate Updated News
24 Oct 14, 8:03am
David Chaston 2
The mortgage rate reductions keep coming with another bank pitching its latest change near the bottom of the range as wholesale rates droop






NZD falls sharply following CPI data

Benign inflation result means RBNZ in no hurry to hike rates; positive US data boosts USD; equity markets higher overnight