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Not until some time next year.
46% (13 votes)
It won't, this tightening cycle is done and dusted.
32% (9 votes)
Before the end of 2014.
21% (6 votes)
Total voters: 28

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The new rate inversion News
25 Jul 14, 9:12am
David Chaston 3
After floating mortgage rates are pushed up by official action, they are now above rates fixed for three years (or longer)
Bernard's election diary - July 25 News
25 Jul 14, 10:13am
Bernard Hickey 11
Brownlee gives up Civil Aviation responsibilities during Inquiry into airport security breach; Gareth Morgan launches water campaign; Labour sets Local Govt policy; Your view?
High-profile research says the ‘social cost of carbon’ is too low Opinion
25 Jul 14, 12:27pm
Guest 4
Facing the right costs right would help companies and households better understand the full value of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Your view?
RBNZ sitting tight on LVR restrictions Property
25 Jul 14, 5:00am
Gareth Vaughan 5
Deputy Governor Grant Spencer tells the RBNZ's plans for the future of its LVR restrictions will be revealed in November's Financial Stability Report
Better times in prospect for red meat Rural News
25 Jul 14, 11:11am
Allan Barber 4
Allan Barber finds some strong green shoots in the sheep and beef farming sector; half-full or half-empty? Your view?





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HSBC sees Kiwi dollar challenging parity with the Aussie dollar by year's end