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Yes. The price of crude oil globally is falling so this means the price has to naturally go below $2 at the pump.
53% (178 votes)
No. The oil companies won't let it drop that low.
22% (74 votes)
No. When you take into account the various taxes and duties the price of oil has to drop even further to warrant a sub $2 price at the pump and that is not going to happen.
18% (62 votes)
No. The oil price has bottomed.
7% (22 votes)
Total voters: 336

Will the price of unleaded 91 petrol fall below $2 at the pump?

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A tale of two Free Trade Agreements Business
26 Nov 14, 5:00am
Siah Hwee Ang 2
Professor Ang and Yuri Seo highlight the important points for New Zealand in both the AU-China and NZ-Korea FTAs signed in Brisbane
90 seconds at 9 am: Oil and iron ore prices slump News
26 Nov 14, 7:24am
David Chaston 3
US growth revised higher; OECD worried about Japan and eurozone; iron ore price slumps; Aussie banks splurge on cheap money; oil price falls; NZ$1 = 78.0 USc, TWI = 77.9
Auckland's migrant flow up 5-fold since 2012 Property
25 Nov 14, 1:02pm
Greg Ninness 5
Auckland attracting at least 21,825 migrants a year, another 5,735 head to Canterbury
Goff calls for Key to resign over SIS News
25 Nov 14, 3:38pm
Bernard Hickey 24
Goff, Norman call for Key to resign after Gwyn report on OIA dealings with Slater; Key denies any wrongdoing; Says Collins could return as minister
Back to the future? News
25 Nov 14, 9:37am
David Chaston 4
Most average bank fixed mortgage rates now lower than average bank floating rates, reprising a rate structure last seen in 2009





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US GDP well above expectations

NZD lower against majors, NZDUSD trading at 78c after falling to 77.6c; US Q3 GDP surprises with strong 3.9% p.a. reading; mixed global equity markets; oil price hammered again