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A holiday.
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A wedding.
28% (73 votes)
A house.
6% (15 votes)
A car.
5% (12 votes)
2% (4 votes)
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In your opinion, what's the last thing someone should borrow money to pay for?

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My favourite topic – your golden watch Personal Finance
23 Oct 14, 9:31am
Elizabeth Kerr 17
Elizabeth Kerr says achieving your own golden watch is the penultimate in financial security
Fletcher wins government housing contract Property
23 Oct 14, 11:35am
Greg Ninness 15
Fletcher to build 237 homes on Crown land at Hornby in Christchurch
Yields hit 3.6% at Bayleys' commercial auction Property
22 Oct 14, 5:10pm
Greg Ninness
The yields had more spread than Marmite at the latest Bayleys commercial property auction
90 seconds at 9 am: Australia squeezed News
23 Oct 14, 7:31am
David Chaston 11
Canada attacked; SEC rule not tough enough; price rises modest; Australia in tough position in FTA talks; UST 10yr yields rise, oil and gold fall; NZ$1 = US$0.794, TWI = 77.2
ASB's Twitter payments assessment Business
22 Oct 14, 3:13pm
Gareth Vaughan 4
ASB's Russell Jones says enabling Twitter payments wouldn't be hard technically, but there's no business value in doing it, at least for now






Stressful time for European banks

Euro falls after news up to 11 banks from 6 countries failed comprehensive ECB stress tests; BoE split over rate hikes, Oil price on slippery downward slope again