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17 Jul 17, 8:09am
Keith Woodford says the evidence in support of grass-fed milk is complex and liable to great distortion
5 Jul 17, 11:05am
Keith Woodford explores the changing markets for whole milk powder and the associated conundrum that New Zealand faces
20 Jun 17, 8:52am
Keith Woodford sees a changing future for dairy farmers with the rise of A2 milk, demands for non-seasonal production, and an urgent need for a social license from the wider community
7 Jun 17, 8:51am
Keith Woodford says Dutch dairy farms prosper despite modest subsidies, tight regulation, by a focus on science, highly educated farmers and a strong sense of social responsibility
30 May 17, 2:23pm
Keith Woodford says Synlait’s purchase of canning and blending facilities is driven by exponential demand for a2 Platinum infant formula
22 May 17, 9:14am
Keith Woodford says there are lessons to learn from Oregon dairy farming
9 May 17, 9:48am
Keith Woodford says that the challenges of finding alternatives to dairying are under-estimated by urban New Zealand
26 Apr 17, 2:17pm
Keith Woodford reflects on fifty years of farming revolution in Canterbury and expects to see ongoing change
12 Apr 17, 8:31am
Keith Woodford says that Synlait is about to become the dominant New Zealand producer of infant formula
27 Mar 17, 8:13pm
Keith Woodford says Fonterra’s half-year results are solid but it is not all plain sailing ahead
13 Mar 17, 10:42am
Keith Woodford says the latest downturn in milk powder prices suggests considerable caution is appropriate for next season’s budgets
3 Mar 17, 2:16pm
Keith Woodford, a long time watcher of the A2 milk category, sees the sense in the closer tie-up between a2Milk and Synlait
1 Mar 17, 2:03pm
Keith Woodford sees the imminent debate about land use on the Christchurch Port Hills full of self-interested positions with forestry, farming, recreation and conservation all in competition
25 Feb 17, 10:16am
Keith Woodford chronicles the Christchurch fires, and raises questions about the official response, and how the Port Hills should be replanted
15 Feb 17, 12:10pm
Keith Woodford says that the search for new agri-food markets always leads back to China and the ASEAN nations, but there are also lots of opportunities elsewhere
30 Jan 17, 12:55pm
Keith Woodford says truth is the first casualty in water debates
16 Jan 17, 11:51am
Keith Woodford says messy water laws impede efficient use of our key resource. It is a resource that has the potential to make us "an extremely wealthy society"
4 Jan 17, 2:37pm
Keith Woodford says that Bellamys infant formula woes has lessons both for New Zealand 's organic dairy farmers and the broader New Zealand infant formula trade with China
23 Dec 16, 8:05am
Keith Woodford says Fonterra’s new winter milk premiums recognise that 12-month production is needed for value-add
29 Nov 16, 4:03pm
Keith Woodford says that dairy volatility is still with us, and there is lots of uncertainty over the coming months
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