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What was the main factor in National's thumping election victory?


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Labour in chaos as Cunliffe lashes out

Key eyes new reforms to reduce child poverty; rejects 'Koru lounge talk' of using outright majority to 'veer to the right'; Labour in chaos as Cunliffe staggers on and lashes out at colleagues

Post election gains dissolve

China and eurozone lose momentum and the slippage worries markets. Oil and gold sink. Eyes on Fonterra's guidance

China weights on commodities

NZD not being marked down like the AUD or CAD but much hinges on Fonterra's signals tomorrow. Eyes also on September PMIs for majors

90 seconds at 9 am: Reality check coming?

US housing in surprise fall; US stocks fall; UST 10yr yields down; oil falls further; silver at 4yr low, gold down; AU dollar slides; NZ$1 = US$0.811, TWI = 78.6

Interest rate outlook not benign; markets complacent

Roger J Kerr sees business-as-usual post election, with the NZD weakening, exports and investment rising, and inflation risk higher. Interest rates are going up

What happened Monday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Monday; milk payout threat, bill paying with bitcoin, bank hybrid downgrade, silver slump, interest swaps fall, NZ$ bounce

Voters endorse a strong economy

Roger J Kerr says expect a short-term surge of appreciation for the NZ dollar over coming days, potentially up one cent

National in complete control

National wins first outright majority under MMP; Key in talks with United Future, ACT and Maori; RMA and labour law reforms likely; Labour in disarray; Ede resigns

NZD gets 25 pip gain on election result

NZD attention now turns to Fonterra results and payout revision; gold extends losses to 8 month low; oil falls

NZD in mild relief rally

Don't expect NZD rally to extend materially as little reason to be bullish in a rising USD environment

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