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28 Apr 17, 6:37am
Chinese conglomerate HNA 'will be a good owner' of UDC after the planned $660 million acquisition, ANZ says
24 Apr 17, 9:43am
NZ-owned banks again rate top for satisfaction in Consumer banking survey
20 Apr 17, 1:38pm
Latest figures show Government spent $550 mln of taxpayers' money in past three months to put roofs over the heads of Kiwis - but the waiting list for houses is still getting bigger; Labour slams 'expensive band aid' emergency grants
19 Apr 17, 4:02pm
The Government's changes to migration settings are a move in the right direction - but much more is needed
19 Apr 17, 7:59am
The housing market looks set to be quiet in the run up to the election, but David Hargreaves wonders if that's necessarily a good thing
18 Apr 17, 9:09am
Economists expect the Consumers Price Index to hit levels not seen in years; Reserve Bank not expected to act at this stage
15 Apr 17, 7:28am
David Hargreaves would like to seen any review of the Reserve Bank undertaken as a part of a root-and-branch overhaul of its governing legislation
10 Apr 17, 10:36am
Kiwibank's chairman Rob Morrison and his deputy Rhoda Phillippo both resigning
6 Apr 17, 4:04pm
New RBNZ figures show over a quarter of the amount owed on mortgages in this country is for investment property, while over 40% of that money is on interest-only terms
5 Apr 17, 3:46pm
New figures show the previously rapidly rising mortgage borrowing surge has been stemmed; Reserve Bank begins new series of monthly statistics
5 Apr 17, 8:43am
Results at the latest global dairy auction seen as pleasing given the extra milk powder coming on line; overall prices firmed 1.6% and the key Whole Milk Powder rose 2.4%
4 Apr 17, 7:39am
Interest-only lending doesn't appear to be the problem here that it is in Australia - but there's still no good reason why we couldn't clamp down on it too
30 Mar 17, 10:33am
David Hargreaves hopes the best for the Auckland home buyers taking a high-stakes gamble in the Auckland housing market
29 Mar 17, 2:40pm
ANZ economists believe higher interest rates and tighter credit will continue to dampen the housing market despite ongoing housing supply imbalances; estimate that average interest costs in Auckland for new purchasers are chewing up 51% of income
27 Mar 17, 3:59pm
The latest data showing cash-rich investors ruling the roost in Auckland demonstrate why the Government can't leave the housing market to the Reserve Bank
23 Mar 17, 4:02pm
Meeting for 13,500 UDC debenture holders to vote on winding up the finance company's existing $1.6 bln debenture plan set to take place in coming months
23 Mar 17, 9:06am
Reserve Bank says monetary policy will be accommodative for a considerable period and numerous uncertainties remain
22 Mar 17, 8:56am
Fonterra set to pay out unchanged dividend of 40c a share; Milk price forecast also unchanged at $6
22 Mar 17, 8:18am
Results at the latest global dairy auction were far better than had been indicated ahead of time, with overall prices firming 1.7% and the key Whole Milk Powder rising 2.9%
20 Mar 17, 11:31am
The share price of Fletcher Building is tanking after the construction giant put out a big profit warning only weeks after releasing interim results; Govt projects may be involved
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